30 Min Video: ZBM Evening News For April 27

April 27, 2016

Union leader apologises in court for claims against Finance Minister Bob Richards, Education Minister promises action over the state of public schools, and former PLP Minister “expresses empathy” for Opposition Leader Marc Bean. are some of the stories set to be covered in this evening’s [April 27] ZBM newscast.

With an aim to expand the way they deliver their news to the community, the Bermuda Broadcasting Company is continuing to live stream their evening news programme for viewers both on the island and abroad.

zbm 9 news Bermuda April 27 2016 TC

ZBM said that their news programme this evening includes: “Union leader apologises in court for defamatory TV claims against Finance Minister, Education Minister promises action over crumbling public schools and former PLP Minister expresses empathy for Opposition Leader Marc Bean.”

Update 7.31pm: The live video has concluded, and the replay is below

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