Conde Nast Cites Us As “Zika Free Destination”

April 12, 2016

Bermuda is included in a Condé Nast Traveler‎ article entitled “7 Zika-Free Destinations to Travel to Right Now”, with the travel publication saying that with warnings about the dangers of the Zika virus, it “may be tempting to postpone your trip” and noting that “some countries not currently affected by the outbreak.”

The article was published today, and says, “With each new warning about the dangers of the Zika virus, it may be tempting to postpone your trip to Central or South America, or the Caribbean.

“But keep those vacation days blocked off on your calendar: All three locales are home to at least some countries not currently affected by the outbreak, making them a safe choice for worried travelers.

“Also worth keeping in mind: The virus is expected to spread throughout the U.S. anyway.] Check out these hot spots, which are all Zika free as of today.”

Screenshot from the Conde Nast website article:

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As it pertains to Bermuda, Condé Nast Traveler‎ said, “With pink sand beaches and pastel-colored homes, Bermuda is a pristine island with a decidedly British feel.

“The beautifully preserved town of St. George, Britain’s oldest town in the New World, is a World Heritage Site that also happens to have world-class shopping.

“Looking to practice your swing? The island is known for its golf, boasting some of the most challenging— and scenic — courses in the world. Action junkies will also want to snorkel around the shipwrecks off Elbow Beach, and hit Bermuda’s 22+ miles of bike trails.”

Included on the list along with Bermuda is St. Barts, Belize, Argentina, Uruguay, Grenada, and Turks & Caicos.

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  1. sebring says:

    hmmm! I don’t know they got this right! a lot of small minded people here !

  2. We’re (all I’m sure) grateful for your / the “prop-up” i.e.

  3. Its me again says:

    The zika virus is owned by the rockefeller familily. They have a patent. We arent affected because we have nothing they want.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      The Zika virus was developed in 1949…did the health organisations tell us this??

      Also this unseasonable flu was released by chemtrail sprayers…tried tested and true.

  4. FIFA Fan says:

    Tourist more likely to bring Zika to Bermuda than catch it here, given US proximity to, and trade/travel by Americans, to Latin America and Caribbean.