Video: “Flying Over Bermuda In 15 Minutes”

April 16, 2016

A video posted on YouTube by user Wolf Reichenberger highlights the flight of a pilot in a small plane as he glides over Bermuda, highlighting everything from shorelines and beaches to island architecture and iconic sites.

Capturing the island from high above, the footage provides a unique aerial view of the island’s shape and size, with the seemingly endless blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean serving as a backdrop beneath a blue sky dotted by clouds.

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  1. moonbean says:

    – a wonderful experience. Thank you !

    Constructive suggestion: for background music, how about using Hubert Smith’s “Bermuda is Another World”, or Val Sherwood’s “Colours of Bermuda” ? Either would be much more appropriate and would make for a much more relaxing and Bermudaful flight!

    • John Ross says:

      No music at all would be even better. I turned off the sound.

  2. Julie-Kay says:

    Interesting watching, agree with suggestion a Bermuda song for background music.

  3. Yummy says:

    Poor visual and moderating… is there really a St Peter’s in Sandys?

    • Bermuda Boy says:

      this was a personal you tube video. The video was uploaded on youtube as a personal memoir for family and friends.

  4. OLG says:

    I live in Smiths Parish tucked away, was hoping to get an up close and personal :( I loved this so much, i shall be cancelling my vacation to Florida and simply resort on the most Bermuda place on earth Bermuda!

  5. Slipway says:

    Could they not mount the camera on the belly of the aircraft? Nice comment at 9:56: “As you can tell from the direction the boats are moored, the tide is going out.” Yet at 12:04 the tower tells AC943 that the wind is 240 degrees at 16 knots. That must have been one strong tide…

  6. Wolf Reichenberger says:

    Hello, I am the pilot and author, and appreciate your comments on camera position and music. This is a totally un-edited raw video and I normally include combining music and do editing, if you watch my other videos, such as or . I agree your beautiful island deserves the best!