‘Bermuda’ Happy Hour At America’s Cup In NY

May 7, 2016

To kick off the festivities at this weekend’s America’s Cup Event Village in New York, Bermuda-themed cocktails — such as Dark ‘N Stormy and Rum Swizzles – were the focus of a special happy hour at the Brookfield Place Waterfront Plaza which overlooks the Hudson River.

Goslings Happy Hour at LVACWS New York May 7 2016 (1)

Malcolm Gosling of Gosling’s was thrilled to see so many people enjoying his family’s rum in New York City.

“We have been growing as a brand over the past few years. We’re in the biggest city in the world and the only rum they’re drinking this weekend is Gosling’s,” he said.

“I would say this event is a success for us and Bermuda. And it’s not a coincidence that as soon as we started pouring the rum, the rain stopped and the sun tried to come out.”

Goslings Happy Hour at LVACWS New York May 7 2016 (2)

Glen Smith, MP for Devonshire North West, flew to New York to watch the America’s Cup races.

“This is awesome for Bermuda. When you look at what’s going on here in New York, it’s something to be proud of,” Mr Smith said.

The happy hour menu included Dark ‘N Stormy, Rum Swizzle, Bloody Gosling’s, South Shore and Gold Cup. Each drink was made with Goslings’ Black Seal or Gold Rum.

Bermudian Jamel Hartman is based in New York and is the Business Development Manager for Corporate Groups for the Bermuda Tourism Authority. He attended the rooftop bar as a representative for the BTA.

Goslings Happy Hour at LVACWS New York May 7 2016 (3)

“I actually oversee corporate and investment groups to Bermuda. When I’m meeting with clients, Bermuda is in their heads simply because of the link with the America’s Cup. The America’s Cup has definitely put Bermuda back in the conversation in corporate America,” he saod.

Alastair Jack, Partnership and Promotions Manager for the BTA added: “Walking around downtown and seeing America’s Cup banners on the light posts is kind of cool. We have our activations and other sponsors are here as well. It’s invigorating.

“I went to Portsmouth and it’s the same feeling. You see Bermuda everywhere. Bermudians are here, there are so many Bermudians here and it’s great for Bermuda.”

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  1. sage says:

    Drinking on the job, nothing wrong with that.

  2. Problem Solved says:

    I think Im gonna make myself a dark stormy!

  3. This is absolutely Berm-u-t-ful and the only way to go…Oh,and it’ll pay-off sooner than many want to believe.

  4. Coffee says:

    Where are the Bermudians ?

    • Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

      its raining they are all in their beds

    • Zevon says:

      I’s a party thrown in New York to publicise and promote Bermuda. It would be sort of pointless to fill it up with Bermudians. The whole point was to attract other people.
      You PLP lot are so ridiculous with your stupid comments.

    • Anne Hines says:

      What makes you think we’re not there?

    • wahoo says:

      I think it is more about potential visitors – you know tourists.

    • Not exactly says:

      4 were even mentioned in the article! Anyways, the point of a Gosling’s tent in NYC is not to fill it with Bermudians, but rather New Yorkers to raise brand awareness.

    • Smh says:

      Welcome to the future

      • Fed Up Bermudian says:

        What, the one where other people learn about us, are actually interested in Bermuda and want to visit?

    • Bus Off says:

      ??? Coffee are you for real?

    • spotty says:

      jack@ss- the event was in NY!!

  5. Herb says:

    @Coffee, hey mate you need to put some goslings gold in your coffee, stop being so damn negative, the Bermudians like Jamel Hartman are busily working hard to get folks to come here to meet us Bermudians and spend lots of money

    • Coffee says:

      Please let the other 55000,00 of us know when all this amazing publicity that’s costing us a total of $77 million breaks even …. Maybe !

      • Teresa says:

        Maybe you can let us all know when we find out where the $807,000 had gone at the same time.

  6. Ann says:

    This is amazing publicity for Bermuda, and it’s FreeI shouldn’t be but am amazed that anyone could dislike or write a negative comment

  7. Sally says:

    Mr Gosling is as Bemudian as it gets.

  8. Great Exposure...Right says:

    Great exposure. Hope the 77++++million for this event which get’s people to talk about Bermuda but never come is worth everything we aren’t doing for Bermuda and its people. I’m sure Bermudians can appreciate having rich yacht enthusiasts here flaunting their boats while they serve them as we spend enough money to have thousands of people’s mortgages paid off.

    • wahoo says:

      So you want government to pay your mortgage? Why don’t we pay for your Mercedes as well? You said you wanted a hand up not a hand out.

  9. spotty says:

    Pathways to DWI

  10. Coffee says:

    Anyone there not from Fairylands ?

    • Zevon says:

      Every village has one.

    • Bermie Boy says:

      What’s a stopping you mr coffee from representing us? Whatever it is that stopped you I am pretty grateful for it, but you could have been there.

  11. Dread says:

    Man, de government is doing a great job!

  12. Average Bermudian says:

    fey ??