OUTBermuda: Answers To Common Questions

June 21, 2016

Saying that they support voting ‘Yes/Yes’ in the upcoming referendum, OUTBermuda — a charity devoted to raising awareness of issues affecting LGBTQ people in Bermuda — has provided answers to commonly asked questions.

The statement said, “OUTBermuda [Registration No. 973] is Bermuda’s only charity devoted to raising awareness of issues affecting LGBTQ people in Bermuda. Like many Bermudians, the leadership of OUTBermuda has engaged in long discussions in order to reach consensus in relation to the June 23rd referendum on Civil Unions and Same-Sex Marriage.

Out Bermuda TC June 20 2016

“Our starting position is that the Bermuda Government is legally obliged not to discriminate against Lesbian and Gay families. This has been recognized by both Bermuda’s Supreme Court and the Bermuda Government itself, which prepared draft legislation to introduce Civil Unions in part to avoid having to defend future litigation by Lesbian and Gay couples which cannot be won.

“The referendum changes nothing, and the Bermuda Government will be required to take affirmative steps to legally recognize same-sex relationships regardless of its outcome. Also, OUTBermuda does not support the use of referendums on issues affecting the rights or liberties of citizens, particularly minority or vulnerable groups.

“Despite this, OUTBermuda recognizes that the referendum presents a unique opportunity to promote public engagement on issues affecting LGBTQ people and families of LGBT people. Based upon responses to a survey commissioned by OUTBermuda in April of this year, more than 80% of voting age Bermudians will publicly admit to knowing a Lesbian or Gay person or to having a family member who is Lesbian or Gay.

“Close to 75% of Bermudians believe Lesbian and Gay people deserve human rights protection. This demonstrates a marked change in public sentiment over the last 10 years. With this in mind, we believe now is as good a time as any to engage with the public [with those who agree and those who don’t] on Civil Unions and Marriage Equality.

“Our commitment to Bermuda is to lead the dialogue on issues affecting Lesbian and Gay people. That commitment extends beyond June 23rd. We believe leading that discussion is important because almost everyone knows or is related to Lesbian or Gay person, and so almost everyone knows someone affected by issues that affect LGBTQ people. Bermudians have changed their mind in relation to Lesbian and Gay issues in the past, and will continue doing so through open and respectful dialogue.

“In relation to the referendum, OUTBermuda believes that a vote for Civil Unions is a vote for a compromise that provides legal protection for same-sex families while acknowledging the cultural and religious sensitivities that exist locally. OUTBermuda also believes that Bermuda will benefit from following the lead of other jurisdictions by embracing full marital equality. For these reason, we support voting ‘Yes/Yes’ on June 23rd.”

The referendum will be held on June 23 and will ask two questions: ‘are you in favour of same-sex marriage in Bermuda?’ and ‘are you in favour of same-sex civil unions in Bermuda?’. Preserve Marriage has been extended an offer to submit their version of responses, and we will also print that if provided.

The full answers to commonly asked questions, as provided by OUTBermuda, is below:

Why do groups like OUTBermuda support voting ‘Yes/Yes’?

Civil Unions are a compromise solution that provides legal protection for Lesbian and Gay people, and families of Lesbian and Gay people, while recognizing that sensitivities exist about use of the word “marriage”.

Voting ‘Yes’ for Same-Sex Marriage recognizes that full marriage equality will not be detrimental to Bermuda just like it hasn’t been detrimental to any country that has recognized it – we haven’t stopped traveling to the United States, England or Canada, and we haven’t stopped sending our children to study there either. In short, we believe it is possible to support a compromise solution while at the same time acknowledging that full equality would be positive for Bermuda also.

Can you vote ‘Yes’ for one option, and ‘No’ for another?

Yes, you can. There may be some people who for religious reasons can support Civil Unions but not marriage. They can vote ‘Yes’ for Civil Unions and ‘No’ for Same-Sex Marriage. OUTBermuda’s position is that we support a compromise while also recognizing that full equality is also positive outcome, and therefore we support ‘Yes/Yes’.

What has the European Court of Human Rights said about Marriage Equality?

In the case of Oliari v Italy the European Court of Human Rights said that Lesbian and Gay people possessed the Right to Family Life [just like heterosexual people]. That right requires governments to provide some form of legal framework to committed Lesbian and Gay couples. The Court’s analysis has been further developed in the more recent decision in Pajić v Croatia, where it held that governments must not discriminate in matters of immigration on the basis of a couple’s sexual orientation. While the European Court has not forced any jurisdiction to adopt marriage equality, where marriage is not available to Lesbian and Gay couples governments are required to take steps to give effect to the Right to Family Life for Lesbian and Gay people. Voting ‘No’ won’t end the national dialogue about the necessary steps that ought to be taken.

Will Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriage re-order society?

There are Lesbian and Gay couples living and working in Bermuda. Some of those couples also have children. A change in the law will simply extend legal protections to these families, which already form part of the community. For example, it will extend automatic hospital visitation rights, inheritance rights and pension rights. OUTBermuda supports ending systemic discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and more broadly on the basis of race, gender, age, religious affiliation, ability and class. If ending systemic discrimination means society is being re-ordered, then ‘bring it on’.

What about my religious views on marriage?

Your religious views on marriage will remain unchanged, unless of course you choose to change them. A ‘Yes’ vote will not result in any church having to alter its doctrine to embrace Lesbian and Gay couples. If you do not support Civil Unions or Marriage Equality before the referendum a ‘Yes’ vote will not mean that you will be forced to do so afterwards. You will not be forced to attend a ceremony celebrating a Civil Union or Marriage either. Your religious views are a matter of choice for you, and those views ought to be respected.

How do Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriages benefit society?

Families, including Lesbian and Gay families, are important to society. They provide structure and support for their respective family members, and also serve as a source financial and emotional security. Legal recognition of Lesbian and Gay relationships provides legal support for a broader number of families by providing equal access to the bundle of rights enjoyed by opposite-sex married couples. These rights are particularly important during periods of family hardship, like when someone is sick, or upon death. At present same-sex couples have no legal right to visit each other in hospital, or to direct a partner’s health care or end of life care. Financial planning is also problematic without legal recognition. Civil Unions and Marriage Equality promote stability and permanency for Lesbian and Gay couples.

Are two men or two women suited to raising children?

Yes, they are. Children of same-sex couples do just as well as children of mixed-sex couples. In April of this year the most comprehensive comparative analysis of children of mixed-sex and same-sex parents was published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and found the children of both groups fare just as well [link here]. Preserve Marriage relies on a study by Mark Regenerus to support its claim that Lesbian and Gay parents aren’t ideal for children. However, Mark’s study has been discredited [www.regnerusfallout.org]. It did not look at same-sex parents in stable and committed relationships. Civil Unions and Same-Sex Marriage are about ensuring there is a legal framework in place to help promote permanency and stability for Lesbian and Gay families.

Can religious leaders refuse to carry out Civil Unions and Same-Sex weddings?

Yes, they can refuse to do so. The framework of the Civil Union Act [PDF], which the Government prepared for discussion purposes, requires anyone who wants to be a Civil Union celebrant to apply for designation as such. No one who refuses to register as a celebrant can be forced to carry out a Civil Union. The same would extend to Same-Sex Marriages. Also, there is no precedent for forcing churches to carry out marriages in circumstances where to do so is contrary to church doctrine. For example, divorced people can’t get married in a Catholic Church, and there has never been an example of a judge or court in Bermuda mandating that the Catholic Church do so.

How will Civil Unions and Same-Sex Marriage affect the birth-rate Bermuda?

Some people believe being Lesbian or Gay is a choice, and that increasing social acceptance of Lesbian and Gay people [including acceptance of Civil Unions and Same-Sex Marriage] will result in more people choosing to be Lesbian or Gay. That’s not so. A person’s sexuality is innate and won’t change as a result of the referendum. People [Lesbian and Gay people included] will continue to have children if there is a ‘Yes’ vote on any question. Fluctuations in birthrate reflect macro-economic factors [such as cost of living and raising a family in Bermuda], not the existence of Lesbian and Gay people in our community.

If I vote ‘Yes’ for either Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriage does that mean I condone homosexuality?

No. Voting ‘Yes’ only means that you recognize there are diverse types of families in Bermuda. You don’t have to agree with the various family structures that exist to recognize there are tremendous legal benefits associated with broadening the types of family arrangements that enjoy legal recognition and protection. Not too long ago children born to unwed parents were socially and legally labelled “illegitimate” and denied a host of legal rights. You can possess a religious belief that children should only be born into a marriage while also recognizing that children born into different family arrangements should not face social and legal discrimination.

Does OUTBermuda support traditional marriage?

Yes. Traditional marriage has a host of social and legal benefits. We believe those benefits should be extended to Lesbian and Gay couples who want them. For example, elder Bermudians are likely to be cared for by their family, which includes their same-sex partners and opposite sex spouses. Yet, those elders in same-sex relationships lack access to pension rights and inheritance rights that opposite-sex spouses have, regardless of the length of commitment to their partner. We believe all families play an important role in our society, which justifies extending legal protections more broadly.

Isn’t this all part of the Gay Agenda?

There is no such thing as the Gay Agenda. That is a phrase created to reduce the diverse humanity of LGBTQ people into a single stereotype. The LGBTQ community is comprised of people of differing races, ages, religious affiliations, sexes, genders and so on. The priorities and concerns of LGBTQ people are as a result diverse. There is no one script that LGBTQ people speak from. Some of us are trade unionists; others white-collar professionals; some serve in the hospitality and retail sectors; still others are retired from the workforce. As with any group, while there are issues on which there is broad agreement – like the need to extend legal protections to LGBTQ families – there are other issues on which opinions diverge.

Aren’t Civil Unions a slippery slope to gay marriage?

Preserve Marriage says that voters should oppose Civil Unions because in other countries they have been a precursor to full marriage equality. What Preserve Marriage doesn’t say is that those countries have moved towards marriage equality because that was the will of the majority of the people. A good example is the United Kingdom, where a Conservative government [which was historically hostile to LGBTQ people] introduced marriage equality as a way to improve its appeal among an electorate that supported full equality. It is inconsistent for Preserve Marriage to support an expensive referendum – like the one we’re having – as a medium to gauge public sentiment on the one hand, and then criticize foreign governments that adopted full marital equality in response to public support for doing so.

Will a ‘Yes’ vote mean that I have to rent to gay people?

The outcome of the referendum will not affect your obligations as a landlord, and whether you are required to rent to a Lesbian or Gay person, or couple, or family. The position governed is by the Human Rights Act 1981 [www.bermudalaws.bm], and it will not change regardless of the referendum’s outcome.

Will a ‘Yes’ vote mean that companies will be forced to provide services to Lesbian and Gay couples?

The position here is also already governed by the Human Rights Act 1981 [www.bermudalaws.bm], and will not change regardless of the outcome of the referendum. Companies or organizations that provide services to the public must not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. No company or organization is above the law, and it is a fundamental principal of our democracy that the laws of Bermuda apply to businesses equally. For example, companies and organizations must abide by the same health and safety laws, employment laws and anti-discrimination laws. The outcome of the referendum will not change this.

Has OUTBermuda taken the views of religious people into account in formulating its support for a ‘Yes/Yes’ vote?

Yes, we have. OUTBermuda recognizes that Bermuda’s faith communities are diverse. While we accept that there are a number of people who identify as religious and who oppose Civil Unions and Marriage Equality, there exist a number of people of faith who embrace LGBTQ people and respect the right of Lesbian and Gay people to form lasting and meaningful relationships. This is the reason we support Civil Unions as a compromise. Importantly though, in supporting ‘Yes/Yes’ OUTBermuda recognizes such an outcome will only directly affect Lesbian and Gay people and their families, even though it engages an issue many religious people are passionate about.

What if someone believes Civil Unions and Same-Sex Marriage are a threat to their marriage?

If a couple is threatened by someone else’s relationship, union or marriage, that problem lies squarely with the couple. They cannot blame anyone else for the breakdown of their relationship.

Aren’t the economy and unemployment more pressing issues than Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriage?

OUTBermuda acknowledges that the economy and unemployment are issues of grave concern to the majority of Bermudians – including LGBTQ Bermudians; and we support the use of public resources to address both issues. OUTBermuda did not lobby the Government to hold the referendum, and believes the money allocated for this purpose could have been better spent elsewhere, like on subsidizing student employment over the summer months and on university scholarships. However, the reality is that we are having a referendum on June 23rd, and given our broad mandate to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues we would be remiss if we didn’t make an effort to explain how a Yes/Yes vote benefits not only LGBTQ people but also the island as a whole.

What are the financial benefits of Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriage?

Lesbian and Gay couples will have greater financial security from legal recognition of their relationship. For example, there will be automatic access to pension and inheritance rights, including the right to claim an equivalent of a bequest exemption upon a partner’s death. Legal recognition also provides financial security for children of same-sex couples, particularly non-biological children of such couples. Legal recognition of same-sex relationships will give Lesbian and Gay couples the equal ability to take family leave from work to care for a sick partner or child [again in particular a non-biological child] and to access associated workplace benefits.

What are the health benefits of Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriage?

Married people [regardless of whether there are Lesbian, Gay or Heterosexual] are generally happier and live longer.

What if I oppose children having to learn about LGBTQ people at school?

The school curriculum is devised by experts, and the material covered is designed by them to be age appropriate. There are people who believe that teaching students about Lesbian and Gay families will result in young people choosing to become Lesbian or Gay. That isn’t so. It’s like saying that just because math is taught at school everyone will choose to become a mathematician. Sexuality is not a choice, and as a result that fear is unfounded. OUTBermuda believes that young people are best served by our education system when they are introduced to the diversity of the community they are part of. This means learning that there are people of differing faiths [and no faith], abilities, genders, and so on. OUTBermuda does not support an education system that teaches young people that LGBTQ people cannot make positive contributions towards the community. If parents wish to instill a particular world view in their children they have every right to do so, and will no doubt do so regardless of what their children learn through formal education, social media, religious education or from their peers.

What happens if there is a ‘No’ vote on both questions?

A ‘No’ vote will not alter the Bermuda Government’s responsibilities and obligations towards the island’s LGBTQ people. Importantly, the Government will still have responsibility for providing a legal framework for recognizing Lesbian and Gay families.

Will OUTBermuda disband if there is a ‘Yes’ vote?

OUTBermuda was not created in response to the referendum and its mandate is broader than advocating for a ‘Yes’ vote on the two questions posed. OUTBermuda plans to be around long after June 23rd, regardless of what happens on the day.

OUTBermuda [Registration No. 973] is registered by the Bermuda Charities Commission. Visit our webpage, www.outbermuda.com, and like us of Facebook.

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  1. Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

    Thank you OutBermuda for taking the time to dissect the misinformation being provided by Preserve Marriage. Omission of the truth through vague and misleading statements seems to be their modus operandi.

    • NO & NO says:

      Hey OUTBermuda you write

      “Close to 75% of Bermudians believe Lesbian and Gay people deserve human rights protection”

      That’s a joke right?
      Then you will not have a problem with the votes on June 23rd.

      • Mike Hind says:

        So… you’re saying that lesbian and gay people DON’T deserve human rights protection?


      • PBanks says:

        Could be that some people believes there is a fundamental difference (especially among those who oppose same sex marriage) between human rights protection and marriage equality, which is why you may see 75% for the quoted poll and the 50-50 (give or take) when it comes to the marriage question.

      • Martian Alien says:

        No No you are the joke

    • Trump says:

      A breakdown of the new results shows most support for same-sex marriage comes from whites.

      Among whites, 71 per cent were in favour and 19 per cent against.

      Among blacks, 66 per cent against and 25 per cent were in favour.

  2. boop says:

    Worrying about gay rights all the time… what about black rights… what about the right to proper education… Black men hardly have rights so a gay black man has a double wammy. Big crime wave on the island and this been topping news for weeks.. smh…. screw sensuality right now… let’s get our young ppl back into our society 1st.

    • Um, just make sure you are a law abiding citizen and TRY to do the right thing, this society has been stacked against us from day one, google “school – to – prison – pipeline, you”ll be enlightened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        And yet there are many successful young black men in our community who have come from the lowest. Do you know what a couple of the most common denominators are… strong familial support (whether single or dual parent) and a determined attitude to be the best they can. Neither of these can be regulated or enforced by any government, but they can end discrimination in our laws, and that is what marriage equality is about.

    • What?? says:

      ” so a gay black man has a double wammy.”

      And now you have an opportunity to lessen that “double wammy”.

    • Joe says:

      no such thing as gay rights or black rights what you are trying to articulate I beleive is EQUALITY FOR ALL

      • Europeans have ALWAYS tried to impose their culture and ideology on everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mike Hind says:

          And you’re trying to do the same thing now…

          How does that make you any better?

          • No, just refusing to let people brain wash me to believe that its normal for two men to be sexually intimate with each other.

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              What funny is that your despise of same sex relations is a product of that European brainwashing of your ancestors you keep railing against.

            • Mike Hind says:

              No one is trying to brainwash you.
              Firstly, they’re just showing you that you are wrong, using evidence and reality and… you know… real things that exist. Not just nonsense that you made up.

              Secondly, no one cares whether you think that it’s wrong or abnormal.

              Just don’t force that nonsense onto us by voting for unjust legislation that denies access to rights to people. That’s it.

              No one wants to brainwash you. No one wants much to do with you at all.

              They just want access to the same rights you and I have.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Why do non religious people partake in a reglious ritual..is it for the benefits that society offers them.

    Should these benfits be available to those who dont believe in marriage, but love their partner/s.

    Regardless of the law, Christian people believe, well those who follow the bible,
    that SS as immoral, along with all the other sexual immoralities… like formication, incest and adultery…

    Morality doesn’t or shouldn’t change based on how popular or trendy the action is.

    Government needs to get out of the marriage business.. Revamp their benefit policies not based on one’s marital status..

    Why should a married couple have more rights than an unmarried couple..

    While we are at it let’s get rid of Christmas too, that is a reglious Holiday.

    Since we are a secular jurisdiction.

    Praying by our legislators should be prohibited.. that too is religious..

    • Gargoyle Wings says:

      Taking bets that Rhonda didn’t read this article…

    • Mike Hind says:

      “Why do non religious people partake in a reglious ritual..is it for the benefits that society offers them.”

      We’re not talking about the religious ritual. That’s a wedding.
      We’re talking about marriage, the societal construct that affords certain rights and privileges to a couple.

      “Should these benfits be available to those who dont believe in marriage, but love their partner/s.”

      They are available. Through marriage. “Not believing” in marriage is like saying “I want to have the same rights as someone in a business partnership, but I don’t believe in contracts.”

      “Regardless of the law, Christian people believe, well those who follow the bible,
      that SS as immoral, along with all the other sexual immoralities… like formication, incest and adultery…”

      And… seriously? You didn’t read the article? This was covered… you’ll still be allowed to believe that.
      It’s just that other people that DON’T believe the same way that you do won’t have to abide by your bible.
      Or are you saying we should all have to?

      “Morality doesn’t or shouldn’t change based on how popular or trendy the action is.”

      EXACTLY! That’s why this referendum is ridiculous. People are being denied access to rights. This needs to be changed.

      “Government needs to get out of the marriage business.. Revamp their benefit policies not based on one’s marital status..”

      No. The “benefit policy”, as you dismissively put it, IS what marriage is. You’re reaching here.

      “Why should a married couple have more rights than an unmarried couple..”

      Again, EXACTLY! Why should a married couple have more rights than a couple that isn’t allowed to get married? You’re exactly right. This is all about access to those rights.
      Oh, wait… Do you mean NOW? Well, because marriage is about affording those rights to people. It’s a contract. An unmarried couple still has access to those rights. They just have to ask for them and get them through being married. How are you missing this?

      “While we are at it let’s get rid of Christmas too, that is a reglious Holiday.”

      That has nothing to do with this. No one is forced to celebrate christmas.
      This is a desperate, specious argument. Come on.

      “Since we are a secular jurisdiction.”

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

      “Praying by our legislators should be prohibited.. that too is religious..”

      That’s freedom of religion. People are allowed to pray. They’re also allowed to NOT pray.
      That’s the whole point. People are – or should be – free to believe in whatever religion they want… even if they don’t believe in any… and follow whatever rules they wish to follow from that religion, as long as it doesn’t affect other people.
      This is the problem. You think that believing in YOUR religion means that it SHOULD have an effect on someone else’s life. You think that YOUR religion’s rules should apply to everyone.
      This is not only incorrect, it’s wrong.

      Marriage equality will have no effect on your ability to worship or practice your religion.
      Opposing it has a BIG effect on other people’s lives, relationships and happiness.
      That is the difference between the two positions.

      • sage says:

        Why should a married couple have more rights than those who are shacking up?

        • Mike Hind says:

          Because marriage is about the rights. How is this hard to understand.

          Why should they have more rights than an unmarried couple? Because they asked for them and went through the process of getting them. “Those who are shacking up” still have access to those rights.

          See how easy it is to answer questions?

          Now me:

          Why should a same sex couple be denied access to those same rights?

          • sage says:

            “Marriage is about the rights” is an answer? I thought marriage was respected up until now solely because it indicated you had bowed to the idea that if your union wasn’t made official by god/church hierarchy/ government then it didn’t count, and that is why unwed folk were and are still discriminated against, the offspring classed as “illegitimate” or b@$tards. Going before someone and getting married should not be a requirement to receive ” rights”, surely, and if those shacking up still have access then why bother getting hitched? Mike I have never said same sex couples should be denied those same rights, ask the hypocritical government.

            • Mike Hind says:

              OH! You just don’t understand what marriage actually is, given your description.

              See, here’s the thing…

              Families have rights together.
              Marriage gives those rights to people outside of the immediate family.

              God/Church hierarchy have nothing to do with it. “Going before someone and getting married” (Which is a wedding, not a marriage) is a ceremony along the lines of signing a contract.
              Entering into a contract with someone, steps have to be made.
              “Those shacking up” have made the decision to not enter into that contract.
              They have made a decision that they don’t want the rights afforded by marriage.
              But they still have access to them, should they wish to get them.
              “Why bother getting hitched”? Because getting hitched is the way to get the rights.
              That’s like asking “If I want to go into business with someone and have all the rights and protections of being in business, why do I have to sign a contract?”
              You don’t have to sign a contract to do business, but if you want the rights and privileges and protections that signing a contract gives you, you have to sign the contract.

              Hope this clears things up for you.

              If I’m wrong about any of it, I’m more than ready to discuss that and listen to arguments showing how I’m incorrect.

              • sage says:

                So marriage is just a business contract, now that really is true love! Should be interesting when gay divorce inevitably comes along, how will they treat same sex couples after years of ruling strongly in favor of females in traditional marriages?

                • PBanks says:

                  Gay married people can already divorce in the places where it’s legal. I imagine it’s like everybody else – whoever has the better lawyer will get the most loot.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Wow. You just really don’t want to read, do you?

                  Marriage is a contract. Not a business contract. I know you don’t want to deal with reality, so you spin things to try to make what is being said look bad, but that’s not ok.

                  And why bring up divorce and… whatever that point was you were trying to make?

                  Why not address what I wrote? Why move the goalposts?

                  Don’t you see how dishonest and unfair this kind of thing is when having a conversation?

            • Daylily says:

              Sage you have a point. The government should have at least reserved marriage for those who believe in its sanctity and those who do not for whatever reason can a package to recognize universal relationship benefits for both hetero and LGBT relationships.

              • Mike Hind says:

                You are talking nonsense again.

                You don’t want marriage reserved for those who believe in it’s sanctity.
                If you did, you would be for marriage equality. There are tonnes of same sex couples that believe in its sanctity.

                You want it reserved for opposite sex couples and that’s it.

                At least TRY to be honest.

              • PBanks says:

                If the talk is about sanctity, doesn’t that reintroduce a religious component into something that, as far as government is concerned, was meant to be independent of religion?

          • Because its unnatural.

            • Mike Hind says:

              No. A. It’s not. You’ve been shown this many times.
              B. So is marriage. It doesn’t occur in nature.

              Do you have any REAL reasons?
              Ones that haven’t been exposed as lies every time you try to post this nonsense?

              • Just thinking about this topic is disguting.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  So, no, then. You don’t have any real reason to oppose this.

                  Got it.

                  What’s really disgusting is people that spread lies and misinformation.
                  People like you.

  4. Curious says:

    Thank you to OUTBermuda for laying out all this information and publishing your Q&A.

    It is unfortunate that we are being driven by political cowardice and a very expensive non-binding referendum this week just so our political leaders play duck and hide.

    When the dust settles from Thursday’s vote, we will have more time to focus on conversations about civil rights, equity and creating a more civil society in Bermuda.

  5. Shutthemdown says:

    What a load of rubbish from Out.

    Why waste time when you have pro gay judge. And he already told you his intent.

    Why waste time.

    Really only one way to end this.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Wait. Do you think it was OutBermuda that pushed for the referendum?
      You’re VERY mistaken, if so. I agree that this is a waste of time, but as to why? Well, because this is how other people have said this should go.
      And what is the “one way to end this”?

      And what is rubbish about what they said? What did they say that was incorrect?

  6. Silence Do Good says:

    Boycott the referendum!

    If they need 50 percent of the registered voters to make the referendum valid with either a yes or no vote? I say all those who really do not give a rats behind about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes and who are really offended that the government on either side have no testicular fortitude to protect the rights of a minority for fear of electoral votes, should abstain from voting. Let the true majority speak by not voting at all.

    Boycott the referendum!

    Better yet give all registered voters a referendum machine for all legislative changes and do away with the cowards, clowns and cheats that we have for our politicians.

    Boycott the referendum!

    • Mike Hind says:

      A little late for this call…

    • Um Um Like says:

      Since the referendum is non-binding, it is practically invalid regardless of whether we get 50% of the voting population!

      This is really just an opinion poll. Perhaps these two questions should have been added to the census.

  7. Coffee says:

    OUTBermuda knows already that INBermuda it will be a resounding NO !

    • Mike Hind says:

      Par for the course that you don’t have the courage to actually address what they said.

      Just more privileged gloating, happy that you think you’ll get to keep discriminating for no reason at all.


      • Coffee says:

        There simply isn’t any room for OUTBermuda INBermuda Mike Mike Mike !

        • Mike Hind says:

          Are you serious?
          There is no room for OutBermuda?

          Or are you just really pleased with you’re “clever” play on words?

          This is ridiculous and hateful, saying that there’s no room for Bermudians in Bermuda.

          Really sick.

          • Coffee says:

            There you go again Mike with that overused word ‘HATE .’ It’s not about hate here in Bermuda Mike , it’s about the society that you was baptized in . We would LOVE to keep it that way , with those really good old fashioned ways your parents instilled in you . Remember your baptism and your foundation beliefs … One man , one woman !

            • Mike Hind says:

              Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous.

              Nothing in here is even a little bit sane.
              It’s just hateful ranting.

              • Coffee says:

                Mike why do you insist on introducing that awful word HATE in every bizarre response that goes against the natural order of mankind ?
                Never you mind , keep trying to elicit some emotional response by saying HATE , HATEFUL and the rest of those awful trigger words .

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Because that’s exactly what it is. Hate.

                  Saying ignorant things like “goes against the natural order of mankind” (which is nonsense, by the way. It’s not a thing. There’s no such thing as “the natural order of mankind”. It’s gibberish. You’re just throwing words together and hoping they make sense. They don’t.) in an attempt to dehumanize LGBT folks is hateful.

                  Lying about what I post and the words I use to defend your indefensible position is hateful.

                  You are hurting people with your position.
                  Your words are promoting treating people like they are less worthy than the rest of us.
                  That is hateful. And it’s disgusting.
                  And if you had ANY sort of self-respect, you would be ashamed of yourself for the level of dishonesty you constantly show when posting.

  8. Some beach says:

    Reword marriage to be called a legal union betwixt two consulting adults…
    Be absolutely sure though that all legalities are recognised as …I feel should (in my opinion).

    • Mike Hind says:

      That’s exactly what folks are trying to do.
      All we want is for one clause to be removed from one act. That’s it.

  9. Some beach says:

    Lawful to registry general.

  10. Daylily says:

    OutBermuda what a nice package of misinformation. It reminds me of that same “harmless” package of misleading information put out a few years back when 2 Words and a Comma and the Center for (LGBT) Law and Justice promised that changing the human rights act would not affect marriage.

    Now OutBermuda wants us to believe that changing marriage will not affect society. You deceived us once shame on you. You will not deceive us twice. VOTE NO, NO BERMUDA.

    • Mike Hind says:

      After MONTHS of misinformation from you, all of which was easily and handily debunked within hours of you posting it, you have the NERVE to accuse them of misinformation?

      AND you don’t even try to pretend you’re serious about it by showing WHERE it’s wrong?

      You are bad for Bermuda. Please stop. Please try to be honest. I’m begging you.
      We deserve better.

      You are hateful and dishonest and we deserve better.