Beenie Man Contracts Zika, Skips Canada Show

July 31, 2016

[Updated] Reggae artist Beenie Man — who performed in Bermuda on July 27th — has apparently contracted the Zika Virus, causing him to miss a scheduled performance in Canada.

During his performance in Bermuda the singer told the crowd he was feeling sick and unofficial reports suggest he was visibly ill backstage following his performance.

In an Instagram post yesterday [July 30] Beenie Man said, “No visa fi mi Canada show [I apologize again to my fans in case you haven't seen the press release] Zika Virus hol’ mi. The same Zika mosquito gi mi dengue. Blood test, injections, pills. Wi a hol firm still.”

UrbanIslandz reports, “In a statement sent to Urban Islandz Beenie reps told us that the deejay not only contracted the virus but also didn’t secure the necessary documents to travel to Canada.

“Beenie Man didn’t get his Canadian visa to travel to that country to do the show,” the deejay’s reps said. “Additionally, he contracted the Zika Virus and is getting treatment for that.”

Ticketmaster — which was selling tickets for the show in Canada — said, “Due to immigration issues Beenie Man will no longer be able to perform as part of OVO Fest 2016 on Saturday July 30th at TD Echo Beach in Toronto. In his place we have booked a slew of surprise special guests and of course Machel Montano will still headline as planned, with special guests of his own.”

The last official press statement we have from the Ministry of Health on the Zika Virus was on June 28th, which said that Bermuda is “currently Zika free” and “as part of a concerted effort to keep the island Zika free” they would be using new mosquito traps “designed to specifically attract the Aedes mosquito, which is the carrier and vector for Zika.”

Update: 7.57pm: The Ministry of Health and Seniors said that Beenie Man contracted Zika before visiting the island, wished him a speedy recovery, said that Bermuda is currently Zika-free and provided advice on how to reduce the risk of contracting Zika Virus.

“The Ministry of Health and Seniors is aware that the performer, Beenie Man, visited Bermuda to perform at a concert on 27 July. He recently reported via social media that he is ill with Zika Virus, which he contracted before visiting the island. The Minister of Health and Seniors, on behalf of Bermuda, wishes him a speedy recovery.

“This unfortunate situation offers an opportunity to remind the public about how to reduce the risk of contracting Zika Virus.

“Zika is often a mild illness, with 80% of those infected having no symptoms at all. Transmission is either through being bitten by a mosquito that has previously bitten someone carrying the virus, or through intimate sexual contact. Zika Virus can cause serious health problems in some babies whose mothers contract the virus while pregnant.

“The Ministry would like to remind all travellers that if they become ill, they should see a physician and outline their recent travel itinerary. If travelling from an area with any mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika, dengue, or chikungunya, travellers are asked to consistently apply mosquito repellent for 2 weeks after returning to Bermuda, to reduce the chance of any onward transmission.

“In addition, precautions should be taken to prevent sexual transmission of Zika Virus to one’s partner via body fluids for at least 8 weeks following possible exposure. These precautions should be taken even if one does not have symptoms of illness.

“Special efforts should also be made to protect a pregnant woman from contracting the zika virus due to its serious impact on the unborn child. All pregnant women at risk of exposure to Zika should seek immediate advice from their physician.

“In collaboration with the Department of Customs, travellers arriving at L.F. Wade International Airport are given public health information in a variety of ways, including an announcement over the public address system, an advisory on an electronic monitor, a printed card that outlines what to do if a traveller feels ill, and targeted health questions by customs officers depending on the jurisdiction from which the traveller has arrived.

“Bermuda is currently Zika-free. Bermuda’s Vector Control team has an excellent mosquito control programme, but property owners are reminded to clear debris and to take the time to tip out standing water to reduce breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

“For more information on zika, visit”

Update: Beenie Man has apparently deleted his original IG post after it was up for over 24 hours. A screenshot of the original post is below.

beenie IG screenshot

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  1. John Wayne says:

    I would ask for details about the “concerted effort…” to keep Bermuda Zika free. What Government agencies other than Health Department are involved? What is the plan at our ports of entry? Is there a plan?

  2. sage says:

    Are we not screening people coming in knowing it can be spread person to person?

    • Wow says:

      Of course not. This is Bermuda-everything we do here is reactive not proactive.

      • mixitup says:

        There is a recording at the airport on arrival about it…Tell travelers if they are unwell or have been unwell, to make this known or something of the sorts.

        • Shabba says:

          I feel so much safer knowing that….l

        • So Tired says:

          Typical..doing nothing to cover their bases to say they did something..SMH

    • reality says:

      Only spread person to person during sex/ intimate contact. Otherwise need to get bitten by a mosquito infected with it.

    • About time says:

      Sure we’re screening people… for ebola.

  3. big nosed troll says:

    Because Zika can be transmitted from person to person via mosquito bites like dengue . it can be safe to assume that what some that attended his concert are probably feeling is not a hang over. as prevention health department should, invite all people that attended such concernt for blood test.

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      Unless he got bitten by a mosquito AT the show and said mosquito proceeded to bite multiple concert-goers, very little chance of concert-goers contracting Zika.

  4. WWJ says:

    Our health department do an excellent job in all prevention activities. I returned from Canada last weekend and was asked the same health questions here as I was when i entered Canada.

  5. big nosed troll says:

    of course! but who is to say. either way I wish him and any one else affected a speedy recovery. if I under stood his msg he mentioned he had both zika and dengue. great respect for this man as he done correct and has giving all that may be affected the heads up.

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Zika also spread from saliva and sexual contact/bjs. I wonder if had the Health Dept. known would he still have been allowed to perform? Knowing this lax island probably!

  7. Sayin anyyding says:

    How can you know if the island is still Zika free?! We just found out Beenie man has the virus. There should be some precautionary measures that need to be put into action to prevent further spread. Do you know if he’s had any mosquito bites since he’s been here?! August is a rainy season perfect for mosquitos.

  8. Marge says:

    I have noticed a filthy dirty pool just of Lighthouse Road in Southamton, it is also the home of some of our senior citizens !!!! God help these seniors at this rest home who get bitten by a Zita carrying mosquito.

  9. Ann says:

    Frankly I can’t believe people pay to listen to that noise, seriously !

  10. Fluffy says:

    I do not blame anyone but Beenie Man himself! He was complaining about not feeling good when he arrived…. Either he knew and didn’t care cause it was all about the dollar or he played the illness down! Kind of explains the private jet….mmmm

    • Ann says:

      Will people get a rebate for a lousy performance?

      • Refund please says:

        People definitely should get a refund, from what I was told by a very reliable source he could not even perform properly at that show, could just barely get through two lines of his songs and then had to rely on the crowd to finish the songs for him.The doctor told him not to come to Bda.

      • Concert goer says:

        It was a terrible performance indeed… ‘ush ‘ush.


    I didn’t know Beenie Man was JUST in Bermuda! This means he HAD IT while here performing and now he could have infected loads of other people here. When we get Zika on our little island, kiss us goodbye. It will spread like crazy in no time and all our babies will be born with microcephaly which means they are lacking like most of their brain and just enough brain stem etc to keep breathing and blinking. The babies end up so deformed looking with that condition they resemble frogs. Everyone is so quick to push this topic under the rug and go on with their daily lives around the world, but where zika has struck in places it is spreading bad and peoples lives are destroyed.

    • Say Whaat? says:

      Wow. We don’t receive your crazy fearful wishes. Try that in somewhere else.

  12. Common cent$ says:

    How many of us “don’t feel good” at certain points of the summer? Zika through sexual transmission is the leading culprit in spreading this virus, as that widens the geographical range of contraction. Protect yourselves in your sexual endeavors- this virus could become a population killer in this world.

  13. Ed Case says:

    He probably infected bermudian mosquitoes too!

  14. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    How do Beenie’s groupies feel now lmfao? SCARED….

  15. kiss my xxx troll says:

    just read up on this performer very sad to say the least! ( Bermuda marketing it self as first world but promoting ghetto life and bottom feeder entertainers )and by the hate he preaches it shows he has had a small brain for some time!

    • Thinking says:

      How much would you pay to go and listen to a top feeder entertainer ? Kiss my xxx?