Free Summer Initiative Aimed At Junior Golfers

July 7, 2016

Port Royal Golf Course has established a five week outreach initiative beginning on July 11 aimed at encouraging more young people to try golf, calling on vacation Bible schools and summer camps to get involved.

The free initiative, dubbed the ‘RED Laser Junior Golf Outreach 2016′ is available to junior golfers aged 10 to 16 of varying golf levels advancing, including ‎intermediate and novice/introductory level.

Red Laser owner Joseph Calauro said, “I hope we get a great response and some youngsters playing golf regularly. There is no reason why we in Bermuda can’t do in the golf world what Iceland has done, with their smallish population, in the European Cup.”

Port Royal Developmental  Juniors Bermuda July 7 2016

Kim Swan, Port Royal Teaching Pro, said, “The program is being built around our current nucleus of junior golfers we have already being coaching at Port Royal Golf Course.

“‎We are hopeful that we will receive a good response from the summer camps and vacation bible schools and be able to get more juniors introduced to golf. Thanks to Red Laser, we are able to offer outreach free of charge – this is awesome – the future of golf depends on growing the game and young people are the key.”

The 5 week program will commence July 11, running Monday to Friday from 1.00pm to 3.00pm, and is aimed at “developing self starters, teaching sound practice methods, learning consistent practice habits, and becoming positive golfers and familiar with competitive golf environment.”

Girlsgolf2 Clinic Bermuda July 7 2016

A spokesperson said, “The Red Laser Jr. Golf Outreach will be offered to all Summer Camps operating in Bermuda to introduce their ‎children to golf in Bermuda.

“‎To participate in this additional component will be a potential opportunity to introduce new golfers to the game of golf.

“Our aim is to spark new interest in the game, enlighten parents about the great benefits of playing golf. Parents of children wishing to continue will be encouraged to join the Bermuda Junior Golf Association [BJGA] who offer coaching island-wide in conjunction with the school calendar.

“The Red Laser Junior Golf Outreach in conjunction with Port Royal Golf Course are committed to ‎growing the game of golf; it is felt by providing the opportunity to summer camps by exposing children to golf, could spark an interest in the game.

“We invite the organizers of interested Summer Camps to contact Kim Swan, Teaching Golf Professional via or 533-8321.”

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  1. Birdies for Bermuda says:

    Thank you Red Laser for being a good community sponsor. We are truly grateful for Mr. Kim Swan – He’s dedicated to our children in golf – he goes way beyond to teach them the proper techniques and money is never an object with him. He needs to be in the Sports Hall of Fame, don’t wait until its too late to honour our unsung heroes in sports.

    A Port Royal Golf Parent

    • Lead By Example says:

      I agree…he should be in the Sports hall of fame. Unfortunately, some peoples opinions of him may be swayed one way or the other because he is involved in politics. However, any person that has ever spent 10 minutes watching him work with kids in Golf will quickly see the true Kim. He is passionate about the sport its development and definitely has a special gift when it comes to teaching.

      I do have two questions that I am hoping someone on this forum can answer before I have to bother him with a call or email.

      1) is the camp open to individual kids? My 12 year old isn’t attending a camp that can take advantage of this opportunity but I would love for him to give golf a try and enjoy being outdoors. Can he attend if not part of a group?

      2) What is Red Laser and what do they do? I tried to look them up on google but what I found was a barcode app! I try to support local companies that support the community. Or are they an exempt company?

      • Bermuda Shopper says:

        1) the camp is open to anyone that would like to try

        2) Redlaser is a computer and printer sales and service company located on Bakery Lane across from Rayclan. Their website is

      • Reality in BDA says:

        Our country is so divided. America is forced to recognize their sports hero; even Ali who was politically outspoken? There is no other in the sport of golf who has accomplished what Swan has and he has been a political figure with integrity. He needs to be recognized and the Bermuda golfing body needs to take the lead as they would if you know what?

      • Bald & The Beauty Full says:

        They are a local company. I love the crew at RedLaser! TRy

      • Family Man says:

        Red Laser is a computer and electronic retailer. They are the ONLY retailer in Bermuda with a working website that allows orders on any of their products – AND they deliver for free, faster than Fedex. They have amazing service.

  2. kim swan says:

    Thanks for the kind remarks, recognition expressed – it is heartwarming.

    With regard to the questions asked:-

    1. We are accepting individual sign-up. Email: 

    2. Re: RedLaser Ltd. 
    A huge thank you to Mr. Joseph Calauro Owner of Red Laser for encouraging and supporting outreach to grow the game – that approach is awesome from a sponsor. 

    Please go to: to learn more about the company and their products. 
    RedLaser Ltd. ‎
    8 Bakery Lane HM 07
     (441) 296-6400
     (441) 296-6544

    Kim Swan, Teaching Golf Professional

  3. Consumer says:

    Red laser is a locally owned and operated company. As a customer who shop around the also have the best prices for computer accessible.

  4. Zevon says:

    Nice story. Well done Mr Swan and redlaser.