‘Strategic Development Plan For The Whole City’

July 3, 2016

The Minister of the Environment announced the tabling of the City of Hamilton 2015 Plan, which they said is “designed to support Hamilton in its role as Bermuda’s capital city and leading commercial centre, and to develop it further as a tourism centre and residential community.”

“The City of Hamilton Plan 2015 forms the strategic development plan for the whole of the city and contains detailed policies on permitted uses, building heights, setbacks and parking for the majority of the city,” a spokesperson said.

“It identifies three sites as special study areas for which additional public input and studies will be prepared: the Waterfront, Par-la-Ville car park and City Hall car park.

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“This new plan is the product of years of consultation, research and meticulous review. Its objectives and policies reflect the priorities for the city today, which include the need to repurpose much of the vacant floor space in the city and to improve the pedestrian environment.

“It encourages the growth of a sustainable, community orientated City through mixed use development, the adaptive reuse of vacant and under-used floor space, city living, universal design, energy efficient buildings, green spaces, a high quality public realm and the protection of the City’s heritage and key landmarks.

“It also identifies development opportunities and potential public realm improvements within three districts northwards from the waterfront: the Historic and Retail District, the Contemporary Business District and the Residential and Community District.

“The City of Hamilton Plan 2015 also identifies certain areas as having the potential for additional development in the form of ‘bonus floors’, providing the development proposal includes a significant residential and/or tourism component and community benefits to the public realm, and/or provides a contribution to the Listed Building Grant Scheme.”

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Aideen Ratteray-Pryse, Director of the Department of Planning added: “We also recognize that the draft North East Hamilton Economic Empowerment Zone Local Plan prepared in 2011 needs to be updated in light of changes in the economy.

“We want to hear from residents, business owners and property owners so you can help us shape your neighbourhood. We anticipate the updated plan will be ready in draft form towards the end of this year. In the meantime, the City of Hamilton Plan 2001 will stay in place as the operative plan for North East Hamilton”.

The City of Hamilton Plan 2015 does not contain detailed policies for North East Hamilton, with the Ministry saying that “North East Hamilton will be given specific attention and a local plan is in the process of being prepared for this area.”

Minister of the Environment Cole Simons said: “We recognize that North East Hamilton is a unique urban area with a variety of commercial businesses. There is a tight knit residential community and it truly must have its own local plan.”

Minister Simons added, “I am confident that this new City of Hamilton Plan will help to secure a prosperous and sustainable future for our capital”.

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  1. Okay says:

    We’ll believe it when we see it.

  2. OBSERVER says:

    This supposed political party has miserably failed the Bermudians of Bermuda.
    Nothing in the past 100 years compares to this party’s disastrous approach to liquify and dilute the Bermudians of Bermuda!!
    U.B.P./oba , YOU have failed the Bermudians of Bermuda!!!!
    Now, a new proposal to …WHAT?….. REDUCE our jobs even more!!!

    • Unbelievable says:

      How on Earth have you deduced that from what the Minister has even said here?

      Oh and I don’t suppose you have any criticism for your beloved PLP who has left Bermuda in the worst of conditions? No you don’t because only have anger and hate for the OBA.

      • OBSERVER says:

        You are new here.
        BERMUDIANS have truly been treated disastrously. You would never be able to understand what BERMUDIANS have gone and continue to go through.
        Too bad. All you can muster up is “BELOVED P.L.P.”
        No care here from your comment.
        Several are cemented in the FACT that U.B.P./oba has FAILED…..MISERABLY!!!!

        • Unbelievable says:

          Hey Trudy/Betty……I am not new here. In fact, I’m from here. I’ve probably been here as long as you have. You, of course, dont care to believe that there are people here like you who care for this country just like you but sadly you only care for a portion of Bermuda and not the whole.

        • innna says:

          so you want your unintelligent government back that saw the largest drop in Bermuda’s economy and the largest rise in her dept… people with your mindset are the reason this country will be a backwater in 50 years….

        • Meh. says:

          Do you just copy and paste the comment into every article?

    • mark says:

      Observer, your name is the ultimate irony. There are none so blind as those that will not see. Keep drinking the kool aid. Youre a dying breed.

    • Terry says:

      Easy Betty.

      “North East Hamilton”.

      You want a plan?


  3. Ann says:

    Observer, negativity does not help, supporting an idea and helping does. Stop only looking at party and color, START looking at Bermuda as a whole.

    • OBSERVER says:

      TO Ann:
      My opinion is JUST as valid as yours.
      You choose to look at it as negativity…that is YOUR opinion.
      I will definitely keep mine!!
      Bermuda as a whole…. not now…. not ever!!
      Too many foreigners here have a NEGATIVE approach towards Bermudians.

      A whole????
      Not at this time. Sorry!!!

      • aceboy says:

        Sure, let’s come up with a plan and then hand over a 262 year lease to a friendly developer and then claim whomever objects is racist. Oh wait, that developer appears to have been arrested for losing $18 million on one hotel deal, never mind. We’ll go quiet now and try and pin the loss on the OBA.


      • Ann says:

        Observer, fighting every idea that the OBA has will not solve anything, believe me I’m not at all happy with a lot of the decisions they have made, but if we want to get Bermudaians back to work we have to be able to create the jobs. Unfortunately the PLP have NO ideas that are any better, and their track record speaks for itself, if you are honest you can admit that the on.y money they spent was on themselves. Some how we need to get these gangsters off the streets, and pushing more hatred toward everything I don’t believe is an answer, we need to do something and stop complaining about the past, you can’t change it. Please move forward and help others to do the same!

  4. Average Bermudian says:

    fey ???


  5. AA says:

    Pedestrianise the parking lots on front street. Buy the bank building at Aulbouys Point and knock it down / then turn it into an outdoor concert area. Get Par-La-Ville parking lot back and make it two-story. And make City Hall car park into a park or similar.

  6. Kathy says:

    Please cover all HOT parking lots with solar panels that will then feed into the grid and allow the Government to recoup some of the exorbitant costs we the PEOPLE pay BELCO by way of taxes for the electricity in the government buildings!

    Incorporate more water features for the tourists which brings a “COOLER” feel to the city.

    Make the waterfront a walkable zone from one end to the next (on the waterside) with restaurants and cafes and shops…wasn’t this initally on the cards years ago (from Hamilton Princess all the way down to the end of Front Street)?

    • innna says:

      brilliant… now there is someone with a semblance of intelligence

  7. Time Shall Tell says:

    Unless we win the lottery, this is all these will remain as a whole (one or two of the smaller projects may materialize) for some time. Simply plans… Good to have a forward vision though, even though these are based off of plans we all have seen before, “This new plan is the product of years of consultation, research and meticulous review.” all of which as I remember was labeled as a waste of time when commissioned. Considering how long one wall on Palmetto Road (almost two years) & how long a round about at Blackwatch Pass took (is it even finished yet, haven’t traveled that route in some time), how long it took to fix a fallen wall on a primary school property, I would hope there are strict time frames listed in those plans to keep things in budget.