$234,250 In Scholarships Awarded By BELCO

August 16, 2016

BELCO announced the recipients of its 2016 Scholarship Program, with 34 high school, college and university students presented with scholarships and education awards ranging from $750 to $25,000.

Denton Williams, BELCO’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Supporting the development of Bermuda’s young people is one of the most impactful ways we can support our community.

“49 students pursuing further education in STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] related disciplines, as well as business/commerce and arts, applied for the available education awards and scholarships.

“It was a huge challenge for the Selection Committee to make the final selections; however the final recipients have shown, without a doubt, their commitment to not only to their own education and future career goals, but to returning home and contributing to their own island home.

“Bermuda needs their skill sets and the expertise they are working to develop. Congratulations to the 2016 Award Recipients and we wish them all the best as they return to school.”

BELCO COO Denton Williams with the recipients at BELCO headquarters today

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The 2016 Awards and Recipients include:

C. Eugene Cox Post Graduate Scholarship for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics [STEM] – $25,000.00

  • G. Marlowe Smith – Sheffield University, MSc Mechanical Engineering

A.T. Oughton Business & Commerce Post Graduate Scholarship – $25,000.00

  • Robert Jardine – Cass Business School in London, MSc Actuarial Management

Llewellyn Vorley Engineering Scholarship – $25,000.00

  • Peter Cooper – Loughborough University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Zeeko Johnstone – Florida International University, Mechanical Engineering [Renewal]
  • Jaret Simmons – University of Technology in Jamaica, Mechanical Engineering [Renewal]

Llewellyn Vorley STEM Education Awards – $12,500.00

  •  Mark Jordan – Plymouth University, Civil Engineering

Llewellyn Vorley STEM Education Awards – $10,000.00

  • Shane Antonition – Plymouth University, Environmental Science

Llewellyn Vorley STEM Education Awards – $7,500.00

  •  Jordan Bascome – Pennsylvania State University, Veterinarian and Biomedical Science
  •  Tariq Basden – University of Birmingham, Civil/Structural Engineering
  •  Margaret Dunne – Cornell University, Fiber Science
  •  Luke Pimentel – The University of British Columbia, Applied Science

Llewellyn Vorley STEM Education Awards – $5,000.00

  • Chanah Bremar – Mercer University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ashlye Joell-Johnstone – New England Institute of Technology, IT- Software Engineering
  • Niambi Landy-Philpott – Acadia University, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Hamish McNiven – Heriot Watt University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Joshua Santucci-Smith – University of Tampa, Marine Biology & Genetics
  • Alexis Smith – Leeds Beckett University, Computer Forensics & Security
  • Ellington Weldon – New England Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Llewellyn Vorley STEM Education Awards – $2,500.00

  •  Tabia Butterfield – Seneca College, Civil Engineering Technology
  • Justine Dzofonoo-Burch – New England Institute of Technology, Cyber Security & networking engineering
  •  Somer Froud – University Of West England, Information Technology Management
  •  Romiko Smith –University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Networking and IT Security

Bermuda College Bursary Award – $1,000.00

  • Jennell Darrell – Berkeley Institute Graduate
  • Stephanie Ventura – Berkeley Institute Graduate
  • Danielle Foote – CedarBridge Academy Graduate
  • Nathanael Fubler – CedarBridge Academy Graduate

Math Awards – $750.00

  •  The Berkeley Institute – Kyrsten Burrows
  • Bermuda High School – Sophia Marshall
  • Bermuda Institute – Mikai Johnston
  • CedarBridge Academy – Dannauri Robinson
  • Mount Saint Agnes Academy – Megan Stecko
  • Saltus Grammar School – Harshith Kayam
  • Warwick Academy – Chanah Bremar

For more information on BELCO’s education awards and scholarships, go to belco.bm. Information regarding the application for the 2017/18 academic year will be posted in the fall.

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  1. Outstanding accomplishments here, students.
    Study hard, achieve success and attain you goals .
    Well done.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    This should make the customers who complain so much about BELCO profits feel all nice & warm & fuzzy inside to see portions of their fees put to good use for the education of deserving youth.