$2,000 Donation For Chewstick Fire Relief Fund

September 14, 2016

BermyNet will donate over $2,000 from a recent fundraiser to the Chewstick Culture Hub Fire Relief Fund.

The website’s founder Brenton Richardson came up with the idea to donate $0.10 for every photo taken and posted on its website over the Cup Match holiday weekend, to help the arts charity get back on its feet after the July blaze.

“Immediately after the fire we started thinking of ways we could help,” Mr. Richardson explained.

Schereene Outerbridge [CellOne], Gavin Smith and Deidra Lee-Bean [Chewstick]

BermyNet Bermuda Sept 14 2016 1

“It was heart breaking to watch Chewstick lose their culture hub. The idea of having to start building all over again must have been devastating, so we called Gavin and said ‘we want to help.”

The fundraiser which ran from July 27 to July 31, proved to be a simple way for them to use tools at their disposal to support a great community cause. BermyNet.com also enlisted help from CellOne and Lindo’s Group of Companies to match their donation.

“We literally called CellOne and Lindo’s the day before Cup Match and told them about our fundraising idea. Thankfully they were on board,” Mr. Richardson said.

Deidra Lee-Bean and Gavin Smith [Chewstick], Zach Moniz [Lindo's]

BermyNet Bermuda Sept 14 2016 2

“By end of day on July 31st, our photo count stood at 7,564 thanks to the tireless efforts by our team of photographers Robert Daniels, Donovin Seymour and Ryan Souza. This meant our donation would be $756.40, which was graciously matched by CellOne and Lindo’s Group of Companies. Totalling $2,269.20 raised.”

He said it felt good to give back to a charity that has touched so many on the island. “Over the past 13 years Chewstick has become a place where everyone is welcome and where creative expression of all kinds can be seen, heard and appreciated. That is something worth preserving.”

Chewstick co-founder Gavin Djata Smith said it has been “overwhelming” to see so many different vendors offer their support in the aftermath of the fire. “It’s also been good to see the creativity that’s been applied to these fundraising efforts and quite awesome in BermyNet.com’s case to have them reach out with such a great concept for using photography.

Gavin Smith [Chewstick], Robert Daniels [BermyNet.com Photographer]

BermyNet Bermuda Sept 14 2016 3

“The fact that Brenton and his team were able to use their skills and networks to maximise that support and even thought to involve CellOne and Lindo’s was incredible and generous. I was struck by how fast they pulled it all together in less than a week and it’s been awesome to see the result.

“Overall people have come out from so many different quarters to help us get through this so it’s been an interesting and educational time for us; and with the support of BermyNet.com and other organisations rallying to help keep Chewstick alive, it has relit the torch.”


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