Bermudian Poet To Be Published In ‘Agenda’

October 25, 2016

Bermudian poet Nancy Anne Miller will have two of her poems appear in the next edition of ‘Agenda,’ a British literary journal.

The journal’s website says, “Agenda is one of the best known and most highly respected poetry journals in the world, having been founded in 1959 by Ezra Pound and William Cookson.

“It is edited by Patricia McCarthy, who co-edited the magazine with William Cookson for four years until his death in January 2003. She is continuing, as Seamus Heaney said, ‘to uphold the lofty standards of Agenda’.”

Ms. Miller said, “Naturally I am chuffed to be included in Agenda once again.

“A collection of poems which publishers find publishable will have numerous poems accepted in good journals. It is part of the process. I happen to enjoy this process as it makes me know my own work poem by poem, and I also see each poem in a context as I go through a manuscript and select say five poems from it to send out.

“I see their relationship to each other. It is therefore an excellent way for me to understand what my work is saying with individual poems as well as within the larger overall themes in the work.

“I have been previously published in Agenda, as well as in other noted international literary journals. The two poems selected by Agenda are from my manuscript Boiling Hot, which I am circulating to publishers with some interest.

“I have published five collections of poetry and will have a sixth collection Island Bound Mail coming out next year from Aldrich Press. All of my collections are about Bermuda and belong in the Postcolonial Literature genre.”

For more information about Nancy Anne Miller, visit her website.

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