CURB ‘Stands With’ Reverend Nicholas Tweed

October 31, 2016

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB] Central Council “expressed their concern at the way Revd. Nicholas Tweed has been treated over his work permit renewal,” saying that “for many Bermudians the actions taken against Revd. Tweed are all too familiar with past acts of victimization and current day economic intimidation, and are seen as an attempt to silence him and his work in the community.”

Rev N Tweed

Rev Tweed’s Work Permit

Following the confirmation that Rev Tweed’s work permit has not been renewed, the Stewards and Trustees of the St. Paul AME Church expressed their “profound disappointment” at the decision, saying “the entire congregation stand united in support of Rev. Tweed and will support any necessary action to reverse this decision.”

Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said the PLP “shares the sentiments of the Leadership of St. Paul AME Church” on the issue of Rev Nicholas Tweed’s work permit, adding that it “is very reminiscent of the actions taken against those who spoke out against the old UBP.”

Saying that “due to issues of privacy we cannot comment on any individual applicant case,” Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin has not commented in the case specifically, but did say “we remain committed to a policy of fairness” which is a “policy that guarantees Bermudians are always given priority with respect to any opportunity to fill a position for which they are eminently qualified.”

The Minister added, “It should be noted that comprehensive changes were made to policy in 2014, and these new changes, which supersede previous policies, are the ones under which the Department operates.

“This policy requires for a position for a work permit to be advertised, or if a waiver from advertising is sought, the waiver fee is remitted and an application made for the dispensation.”

ZBM has reported that Rev Tweed has been granted permission to continue working whilst the appeal is processed by the Department of Immigration.

CURB’s Comments

A statement from the group said, “CURB’s Central Council wish to express their concern at the way Revd. Nicholas Tweed has been treated over his work permit renewal.

“Revd. Tweed is uniquely qualified for the position, not only from a spiritual and leadership perspective, but also from a cultural and social perspective. His family ties go back many generations and his daughter lives in Bermuda.

“Much has already been written about his father, the Revd. Dr. Kingsley Tweed, whose courageous social justice work prior to desegregation and his outspoken advocacy during the Bermuda Theatre Boycott in 1959, drew fierce criticism including death threats. Unable to find employment and fearful for his life he was forced to leave Bermuda as a political and economic refugee.

“CURB has previously published research papers on the racialized immigration laws and policies that held sway in Bermuda until contemporary times. Victimization of those who stood for social justice against the views of the establishment was commonplace, and both Methodist and AME ministers were victims of that wrath.

“Methodist Minister Revd. John Stephenson who was imprisoned in 1799 for what was consider ‘inflammatory preaching.’ Pastor Charles Monk of Allen Temple AME in Somerset who was imprisoned for 6 months for criminal libel after he stood up for the mistreatment of black labourers at the Royal Naval Dockyard, and in 1920 Revd.

“Richard Tobbitt of the Richard Allen Church in St. George’s, and a respected headmaster of a school for black children, was discovered by the establishment as being a ‘Garveyite’ espousing black empowerment in Bermuda. The Government and the Board of Education immediately withdrew funds from the school and forced the church to terminate Revd. Tobbitt’s employment.

“And in the 1980s Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam was banned from coming to Bermuda by the Government of the day.

“The mission of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference formed in 1957 by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was to harness the moral authority and organizing power of black churches to conduct non-violent protests for civil rights reform.

“That there is ongoing inequality and economic disparity in our community based on race is evidenced in successive census results. Like Dr. King, Revd. Tweed has without doubt demonstrated he is a vocal leader defending the rights of the underprivileged, the worker and those disenfranchised and sidelined in modern Bermuda.

“He is a man of God and a passionate advocate of the people, and for many Bermudians the actions taken against Revd. Tweed are all too familiar with past acts of victimization and current day economic intimidation, and are seen as an attempt to silence him and his work in the community.

“What is perhaps bittersweet, is that if it was not for Bermuda’s past racialized immigration policies, Revd. Tweed might today have been viewed as a Bermudian, and would have qualified under ‘Right of Blood’ to have Bermudian Status, i.e. almost all states in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania grant citizenship based on Jus sanguinis [Latin: right of blood], a principle of nationality law in which citizenship is inherited through parents rather than by birthplace.

“The United States and Canada being the only developed nations in the world to still offer unconditional birthright citizenship Jus soli [Latin: right of the soil] , a legacy of their need to repopulate a continent after the eradication of indigenous first nation people.

“CURB stands with Revd. Tweed and asks the government to consider the appeal to renew Revd. Tweed’s work permit with sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of the community, especially the wishes of St. Paul’s AME congregation and the wider AME community.”

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  1. NCM says:

    Absolute nonsense! It’s clear the AME Church didn’t submit a proper application for his work permit so to claim “victimization and current day economic intimidation” is so far off the mark it’s laughable. CURB, once again demonstrating they are not trying to uproot racism in Bermuda but perpetuate it.

    • rightt says:

      And how would you uproot racism by sweeping it under the rug and acting like it never existed?

      • Edmund says:

        By putting in place work permit renewal policies and procedures that must be followed by everyone, no matter what race they were or who their friends were.

        • de fence says:

          so we have currentlyhave 148 people disliking this comment but not replying to it. What’s to dislike? What are people objecting to?
          It just doesn’t make any sense

    • Spit Bouy says:



    • Widget says:

      This man is here to preach right. Then who gave him the right to involve himself of our countries business. Just maybe it’s time for him to find another island to live on. Let’s also hope that island Is deserted.

    • Why dont they treat him like those CEO’s and overseas same sex partners.

      • Onion says:

        And throw them out if they don’t do their paperwork according to the rules?

        Sounds good to me.

    • NCM says:

      Went from a handful of dislikes to 129 in minutes. I wonder if the paid bloggers at Alaska Hall get paid per click…

  2. bluwater says:

    Rev Tweed is a victim of his own parish who refused to file the proper paperwork and have hung him out for public humiliation. He deserves better.

    • hmmm says:

      You talk about other countries rights to citizenship….

      If he was adopted, then he doesn’t have a right of blood.
      If he wasn’t born here he doesn’t have the right of the soil.

      CURB, there are a few thousand people contributing to Bermuda and many who have done for their entire life who have one or both of these things.

      Why are you specifically choosing Tweed and not standing up for them?

  3. Yawn says:

    And in other news- water is wet. CURB has long lost all credibility anyway.

    • hmmm says:

      Who is CURB, the website used to list names, have the people behind it all left or are they too ashamed to be associated with how ridiculous CURB has become.

      CURB was good at one time, shame on him/her.

      • jt says:

        Two individuals, effectively.

      • Onion says:

        Two individuals. One of whom should self-deport as an act of Civil Disobedience.

        • hmmm says:

          If this is true, that there are only 2 people, then they are spouting a personal agenda behind the veil of a defunct Organization and also shame on them for abusing the trust of the public.

  4. Bobby Jones says:

    It seems to me that this so called Group “Curb” is a racist group. Rev Tweed has ranted and raved about foreigners and Curb has never complained about him.

  5. Zevon says:

    Didn’t see anything from CURB about the disgusting racist graffiti. I guess they’re selective about the specific racism they care about. Some racists are ok with them.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Or a peep from them when that construction site foreman was accused of being a black man with a white man’s heart and sent packing for insisting that a certain someone who thought they were important wouldn’t wear a safety hat

      • Spit Bouy says:

        @ Zevon & Toodle-oo

        Yep, Those situations doesn’t fit their narrow narrative so they’ll just do a Lord Nelson and put the telescope to the blind eye instead. Curb is so predictably pathetic and irrelevant. They don’t speak for this black man nor any others really.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          In all seriousness, I didn’t know Rev Tweed was black. Not that it matters but I don’t think he is. I thought he was white.

      • steve says:

        I remember that episode.It was symbolic of those times

    • Yahoo says:

      Don’t you know that certain people can’t be racist?

      • hmmm says:

        Racist: “A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.” OED

        it does not mention exclusions.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      How can anyone dislike Zevon’s comment. They must be all racists.

  6. John says:

    The colonel said “everyone has their favourite foreigner”

  7. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Is he here to preach the word of God..? Or is he here as a political activist?? Separation of church n state yes??.

  8. mark says:

    What utter drivel! It would be funny if it werent so sad. The hypocrites are getting their just desserts. Lol.

    • bluwater says:

      The hypocrites are making merry political hay, while the Rev has to endure being their beholden lap dog.

      • bluwater says:

        Yeah, well “Dilikes” we can see you. Holding back on the paperwork and pushing out the drama. Making Tweed look like a fool.

  9. Terry says:

    Kicked to the CURB.
    Get a life Bermuda.

  10. jt says:

    CURB is in desperate need of new personnel. Two at least.

  11. laugh says:

    1. Was his job advertised the official way?
    2. Is this job in the protected category?
    3. Were there any qualified Bermudians to fill that post?

    You mean there are no young Bermudians ready to take on that post?
    I would love to see the unions march to keep him here!!

    Classic….. “am got me fishcakes and swizzle waiting for de show”

    • Fisherman says:

      Many Bermudian AME Ministers available with a few who are at other churchs. so what is the Bishop and Presiding Elder saying – UUMMMMMM!!

  12. ryanO says:

    He is not spreading peace, he can be easly replaced with someone who does much better job. He is not needed here! This is simple and his own people by not putting application on time just managed to get ride of him. Its simple, there are rules to follow…. he didnt follow so has to leave!

  13. Rockfish#2 says:

    CURB’s attempt to piggyback on the Tweed situation is both hypocritical and laughable.

  14. kermit the stooge says:

    whats race got to do with a FAILURE to submit propper documents as required by law for everyone in the same situation

  15. what man says:

    You can’t make this stuff up people!!! CURB proving yet again they are doing the complete opposite of what their name suggests. What a joke.

  16. O.M.G says:

    Curb lol like someone said what about the Graffiti they never said a word. Very very sad this island is.

  17. Warlord says:

    Well that’s a shocker
    Legalize expats

  18. O.M.G says:

    Once again they have to go back years to bring up s*** god give me a break. It won’t help. All he had to do is put his work permit in when he was supposed to that’s all. The end.

  19. somuchless says:

    So listen to this Curb and Tweed. My uncles cousins sisters step son (who is Filipino) is in the same boat, however he is a taxi driver. Will you go to bat for him that he has to leave because of his paperwork was submitted one day prior and no employment advert?

    Of course not. I thought so.

  20. Cedar Stump says:

    I thought CURB stood for Cementing Urban Racism in Bermuda.

  21. Broken Glass says:

    he’s leavin,on a jet plane
    hope he wont be back again!

  22. James H says:

    Tweed wasn’t born here. None of his ancestors were. He has only lived here 3 years. And yet you say he should be Bermudian. What about the thousands who have lived here for decades and paid taxes who tweed led a protest against. Curb you gave sunk to a new low.

  23. wahoo says:

    Very one dimensional of CURB….but that is expected. This could not be attributed to anything but race now could it? Poor administration, Bermudianization…

  24. no love says:

    Paid PLP/CURB bloggers just slammed the dislike buttons! Wow, that was quick!

  25. Brier says:

    He’s an expat and did not follow Bermuda Policy. Time for him to catch that plane that brought him to Bermuda

  26. sandgrownan says:

    Didn’t realize CURB was still a thing. huh, well you learn something every day I guess.

    So, then, CURB are saying the clergy are exempt from work permit process? I mean, the historical lesson, while interesting, is irrelevant. So, is that what they are saying? Or are they saying only their favoured Expats should get to stick around?

    • Sickofantz says:

      Bit sad when you come up with examples of over 100 years ago. If you were really interested in uprooting racism which most of us are then you would celebrate the changes since that ugly past and welcome the full integration of all people from all backgrounds and sexual orientations into Bermudian society. (Cept that wouldn’t meet with CURB’s and the PLP’s agenda would it?)

  27. Cris m says:

    Won’t be suprise if members of his own church want him out..but than again the plp will be back in power in one or two years and he will be given his status..They preach ,do as i say but dont do as i do..

  28. Teresa says:

    We all need to stick to the fact.Proper, timely paperwork was not submitted.Plain & simple.

  29. Little girl says:

    All these people that are up in arms about the way they perceive the unfair treatment of Rev Tweed should hear other stories of the way many people ( more deserving than Rev Tweed )have been treated over the years . I know expat families that have been here 30 + years ,worked hard and contributed to this community .Raised their children here only to find that once the child has reached 18 and have chosen for whatever reason not to go into further education have been made to leave.Sent to places they do not know or belong. These children have had to say goodbye to parents and often other siblings because of the inhumane archaic immigration laws here. How can that child be less deserving than someone who has been here a mere 3 years regardless of his heritage . Children that were born and raised here are more culturally Bermudian than Rev Tweed who was brought up abroad will ever be.It is my guess Rev Tweed has something to prove to his father .No one can take away what Kingsley Tweed stood for but to suggest this should be the reason his son who has only been part of Bermuda for 3 years should be allowed privileged treatment over others who have dedicated most of their lives to the place they call home is wrong on every front . .

    • sid says:

      The political parties and their satellite groups only see guest workers as chips to play in partisan games. And of course, all that matters in that game is their skin colour.

      It would be nice for guest workers to be treated like normal human beings who just want a normal life.

  30. Northshore says:

    curb?? Just another arm of the plp/biu/pc/and whoever else, oh and the idiot who can`t spell or even write hate on walls. Add the AME CHURCH TO THAT LIST TOO!!!! These are “THE PEOPLE” who destroyed this Island in 14 years.. Now they have their own American agitator to help with their silly little nit picking on useless subjects !

    There is a reason for their noise of little things and thats because they have nothing else to make noise about! So why don`t they do something useful and stop guys from playing with guns and killing each other, put your own political party in order (because its in yet another power (leader) COUP DE TA ) !!! Get rid of Tweed, he is not helping you!!!!

  31. Curb it! says:

    CURB has truly lost its way. It has become another branch of let’s cherry pick who we stand for… can look past my donations.

  32. Starting Point says:

    LOL CURB got worked in this comment section….nothing like an organization with a mandate to tackle racism being racist its self…..

  33. Will says:

    So when the island, not if but when, it comes to a standstill I hope we have contacted both the Oxford English dictionary and Guinness World records to be on hand for the unveiling of the new definition of hypocrisy and to have it entered as the worlds biggest display of hypocrisy

  34. ryanO says:

    He will leave in his jet that Bermudians paid for from lovely donations. Please support kids and educatio and health system, NOT HIM

  35. steve says:

    Hello person who wrote this statement, why would you reference the slaughter of American Indian as the reason for birthright citisenship in North America? I have lived among Metis tribe the first 20 years of my life. I have heard their many complaints many times, but have never heard a single complaint of a person being born in Canada being granted immidiate citizenship(they wouldnt have been shy about saying it to me) Past crime and present citizenship were separate issues. Natives revere a newborn like no other culture I have witnessed.
    What the hell are you talking about?

  36. You Do You says:

    Set Tweed free for the rest of the world to enjoy his “talents”. We have been lucky to have him this long.

    There are other countries who need their tools put down & their govt. properties hijacked.

    Godspeed Tweed, Godspeed

  37. JT says:

    does he even pay tax?

  38. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    Is it any wonder that there is so much crime on the island when we have the opposition, the unions, a major church and a couple of organisations all demanding that the Government break the law, one which most fought against, to keep an ex-pat on the island?

    I simply don’t understand it.

    Okay, I can accept their desire to keep Rev Tweed, but not the demand for special treatment. Not the demand that laws be broken.

    Do the right thing.
    Follow the laws.
    Be a good role model.

  39. Irritated Jeanie says:

    Curb is a group of two who love virtue signaling.