Do You Want To Serve On A Government Board?

October 27, 2016

Government is currently accepting submissions from persons interested in serving on Government’s 2017 boards and committees, the Cabinet Office advised today.

“The public will recall that opening up the boards and committees for residents to serve was one of Government’s Throne Speech pledges this year,” a spokesperson said.

“Expression of Interest [EOI] forms are now available on the Cabinet Office’s website and can be completed and submitted electronically. The EOI forms can be accessed from the following link. The submission deadline is November 30, 2016.”

Premier Michael Dunkley said, “We were very encouraged by the submissions we received earlier this year when we first announced the opening up of our boards and committees.

“We are hoping to see more women in our community embrace this opportunity to serve. There is such an incredible talent pool in Bermuda and it’s hoped that interested individuals will take advantage of this opportunity.”

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  1. My time is valued.

  2. Twitts says:

    How much yuh paying milkman?

  3. BobtheBuilder says:

    They paying?

  4. Just the Facts says:

    Residents means Expats included correct?

    And why so interested in getting paid? It’s a volunteer position. If you want to get paid, get a job.