Two Families Receive Over $10,000 In Donations

October 5, 2016

[Written by Don Burgess]

The Cumbermack and Smith families were presented with cheques yesterday totaling more than $10,000.Both families have young children, and tragically had a parent die recently.

Rosa’s and Chopstix Fusion teamed up with Gosling’s so that 100 per cent of the proceeds in the month of September for the sales of the cocktail ‘Purple Promise’ was donated to the Cumbermacks and Smiths.

Cumberback and Smith families Bermuda October 2016 (1)

Patrina Cumbermack and Nakia Smith were presented with the cheques at a surprise luncheon for their families on Tuesday at Rosa’s.

Besides the cheques and the meals, Lindsay Durham, Bermuda Restaurant Group manager, presented each of the children with presents.

Ms. Cumbermack’s husband Jerome lost his life in a motorcycle accident last year.

Cumberback and Smith families Bermuda October 2016 (2)

She said: “This is so surreal to me. It means the world I honestly never thought that we would be considered as a family to be considered for a fundraiser like this.

“We are really blessed that Rosa’s in conjunction with Gosling’s and Chopstix have thought about families in need — especially those with children — We are so blessed and fortunate and thankful to everybody.’

Ms. Cumbermack was moved to tears when she received her cheque.

“I lost my husband and it’s really hard to be without him for and to raise these children so to know that there are others that are out there thinking about us is overwhelming.”

She said her intentions for the funds will be used “as an investment into my children’s education.”

Winter Wonderland Bermuda October 2016 (1)

Mr. Smith added trying to make ends meet on one salary was difficult and the money will help in many ways. His wife Kamala died recently following a five-year battle with cancer.

He was also extremely grateful to Rosa’s and Gosling’s and to the community that came out to support this initiative.

He said: “It means a lot, especially walking into this  [the free meal and the gifts], we weren’t expecting this. This will help in a lot of ways.”

For their next charity promotion, Rosa’s and Chopstix are joining forces with two the Foster Parents Association and Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

There are currently over 80 children in Foster Care and over 200 children that are part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Rosa’s and Chopsticks will be selling the Winter Wonderland cocktail to raise money for these two charities from October 1 to December 17, 2016.

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  1. Bitter Sweetness says:

    AWESOME!!!! This is so jubilating. I myself went to school with Lindsay, Patrina and Kamala and also know their husbands Jereme and Nakia. Such a wonderful helpful gesture in such a time of need.

    All the best Patrina and Nakia and may you always continue to keep your dear spouses’ memories alive.

    Keep up the good work Lindsay and team!!!

  2. mommaoftwo says:


  3. Patricia says:

    This is so wonderful. Keep up the good work Rosa’s, etc. All the best to the two families.

    • passionflower kif says:

      Great to see local business giving back. I will make sure that my family dine at Rosas in the near future. Goslings your already covered..I am having a dark and stormy now.

  4. Family Man says:

    Great idea. It’s a win-win for everybody.

    People are influenced to visit Rosa’s for their social responsibility.
    Goslings get to introduce a new cocktail at a minimal cost which hopefully catches on elsewhere.
    A worthwhile cause gets some much needed funding.

    Everyone’s a winner.

  5. P2BBERMUDIAN says:

    Very touching!!! Well done Rosa’s & Goslings!! So happy i was apart of this by purchasing one of the special drinks just this past weekend!! Waiting on the other business to catch on to back is always better!!

    • passionflower kif says:

      I never knew this was going on so I didn’t have the chance to buy one and help. But I will be going to Rosas soon.

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