Author Offers Innovative ‘In Book’ Marketing

December 2, 2016

1-Fullscreen capture 30112016 61717 PM-001Local author Patrice Frith Hayward is getting set to release another book, titled Sistahs..Still — a sequel to her award winning novel Island Sistahs – and she is offering local businesses an opportunity to have their business, service or product become a part of the storyline by having the characters in the book patronize it.

The novel, which follows the “lives, relationships, trials, and triumphs of five Bermudian women” is expected to be published in 2017.

The author said, “The first book, though fictional, takes readers through the events of the summer of 1994, including Bermuda Day and Cup Match.

“The stories address familiar social issues such as the power of sisterhood, love, betrayal, parenting, absentee fathers, raising mama’s boys, family and relationship dysfunction, domestic and emotional abuse, financial struggles, illness, death and so much more – all steeped in Bermudian tradition and lingo. Sistahs…Still, brings readers up to date with what’s now going on with the Sistahs – who could be anyone’s sisters – in this millennium.

“The highly acclaimed Island Sistahs won first prize in the Adult Fiction category in the Department of Community Affairs 2001 Bermuda Literary Awards.

“Two thousand copies of the book were read by people encompassing all genres, with many Book Clubs [both local and international] discussing, relating to and learning from the Sistahs, at their club gatherings.

“It was later produced as a 5-performance, sold-out, hilarious Stage-Play at [then] City Hall Theatre, showcasing some of Bermuda’s finest acting talent.

Sistahs…Still will be sold in Bermuda, in addition to international venues and events and will potentially be available on It will be heavily marketed via all forms of Social Media, print media, local events, a book promotion Cruise on board The Celebrity Summit next April and my talk show, ‘Real Women. Real Talk…with Patrice’ on Magic 102.7 FM.”

Sistahs Still Advertising Opportunity Bermuda Nov 2016

Ms Frith Hayward is offering an innovative marketing option, with an opportunity for companies to pay to have their business, service or product become a part of the storyline by having the characters in the book patronize your business, consume your product and/or use your service. The fee starts from $300.

If you would like more information, please contact Ms Frith Hayward via email at

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  1. Proud2BBermudian says:

    Brilliant idea!! This will certainly further Bermudianize her publication and introduce new readers to our world!! As a Bermudian who has resided overseas for much of my adult life, words cannot express the feeling one has when you pick up a novel that has vivid descriptions of truly bermudian elements including familiar places and people. Can’t wait to read this novel!!