Column: IND C#26 Candidate David W. Burch

December 16, 2016

david-w-burch 2[Opinion column written by Constituency 26 Independent by-election candidate David W. Burch]]

I was born and raised in Warwick and know what it means to struggle in life and still keep my integrity and do the right thing.

I entered politics as an Independent to stop the negative of PLP and OBA politics.

We need a new way and I can be your change agent. We need to change because both the PLP and the OBA just continue the “same old same old” partisan nasty party politics which is hurting the people of Bermuda.

The people need a new independent voice, not just some one sitting in big leather chair in Parliament with a big salary and told what and how they should vote.

I stand as a voice and person who will fight for my neighbours; fight to put the airport development on hold, fight to help seniors who are being abused politically and institutionally, fight for finding good paying jobs for Bermudians first!

I will support and promote a new CATH LAB which is a examination room in a hospital or clinic with diagnostic imaging equipment to visualize heart attacks and strokes and affordable care for seniors at an improved hospital.

I need your vote and you need me as your Independent Candidate for Constituency #26.

- David W. Burch


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  1. Know the facts says:

    Mr.Burch I agree with you that we need to stop with the negative politics and I love that you are enthusiastic and fighter of the PLP. – but who will you pay for a CATH LAB?

  2. Vote says:

    With all due respect Mr. Burch you can’t really be serious about making real change in the HOA as a lone independent lol

  3. Riley says:

    If I was in constituency 26, you would have my vote – for your position on party politics alone. Until we can have a few independents who can tip decisions either way and thereby foster honest debate and discussion rather than the self serving dribble we presently hear from both sides, we will never be a genuine democracy.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Only will effect P.L.P (Black) votes, U.B.P. (whites) are unwaivering for who they vote for.
      Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

      • Riley says:

        You may be right. It did cross my mind that he’s an unwitting troll who some OBA stalwart convinced to run – let him take say a hundred and fifty PLP votes, figure on low turnout, and Ms. Swan might just knick it. I’d still vote for Mr. Burch though, because party politics suck.

        • Riley says:

          p.s If I am not mistaken, the last time an independent candidate won a seat (as opposed to becoming one by doing a Crockwell and leaving a Party), Mr. Stuart Hayward (black) ousted the UBP finance minister of the day Dr. Clarence James (also black) in a mainly lily white Pembroke seat (Rosemont Ave, Pitt’s Bay Rd, Fairylands area).

  4. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    If I was in 26 I would vote for you! Any one thinking of running independent in 2 you have my vote!!

  5. Vote says:

    We’re not a genuine democracy now, hence the Governor is head of state here on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Liz II

    • DiscoRoboto says:

      Independent MPs will push us in the right direction, unlike the present lot (on both sides) who love their jaunts to Westminister and other so called information gathering exercises. Did you know the OBA, PLP guys generally travel together? Of course they do, they’re all part of the same self-serving conspiracy.

  6. Stop the negative of PLP and OBA politics says:

    You said it!

    I wish you the best of luck and strong showing for a more positive Bermuda.

  7. Point boy says:

    I read your brief platform. I can see your angst against the political comics.

    My only question, is if you are truly (independent) what is you’re qualms with the airport redevelopment?

    It will create many jobs in the construction industry. Then in the long run, create opportunities for (more) full-time employment!

    It really is a great plan.

    • RBEL says:

      @Point boy: Are you saying that since Mr. Burch opposes the airport redevelopment he is more PLP than independent? If so wouldn’t that mean that if he supported it he is more OBA than independent? Because by your logic it sounds like you can’t be against it and be independent.

    • clearasmud says:

      The airport project has yet to be proven to be value for money so opposition to it has nothing to do with his independence. It has been criticized from an accounting perspective and the finance minister’s response has been silence.