PLP To Host Voter Registration Drive For C#26

November 18, 2016

In advance of the December 20th by-election in Constituency 26 Warwick South Central, the PLP will be holding a Voter Registration Drive this coming weekend at “The Rubber Tree” in the car park next to Warwick Post Office.

The by-election was called due to the retirement of Marc Bean, who stepped down as both Leader of the Opposition and as a Member of Parliament.

The PLP, which has won the last four elections in the Constituency, has not yet announced their candidate, while the OBA confirmed yesterday that Robyn Swan will be their candidate for the by-election.

PLP Bermuda TC November 18 2016

A statement from the Party said, “The PLP will be hosting a Voter Registration Drive this coming weekend on Saturday November 19th and Sunday November 20th for all those living in Constituency 26.

“The purpose is to register any persons over the age of 18-years-old who have never been registered on the Parliamentary Registry and for those who need to change their information due to moving into Constituency 26 since the last election.

“The hours for the registration are 10am to 3pm at “The Rubber Tree” in the car park next to Warwick Post Office.

“We encourage all those who wish to vote in the upcoming December 20th 2016 by-election and the next Bermuda General Election to come out and register, regardless of political affiliation or beliefs.

“Persons should be prepared to provide their address, contact numbers and other relevant information.”

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  1. hmmm says:

    In a safe seat for the PLP too … A bit strange.

  2. wondering says:

    too bad the common perception is that the majority of voters in 26 are stuck in a post abolition period mindset and will do as they are told or vote based on what may have been relevant 150 years ago

    • Smith says:

      The might have been the case but TRUMPS win revealed that “U PEOPLE” can’t be trusted!!!!

      Half the clowns that stressed DUMP THE TRUMP before the election are now falsely protesting and walking the streets. The oba is the same ubp.

      • wahoo says:

        What do you mean by U people? First of all you spelled “you” wrong but more importantly you cannot relate Bermuda to US. As I tried to explain to your comrade the other day there are no Trump supporters in Bermuda (or at least not many).