Crime Stoppers 20th Anniversary Book Donation

December 2, 2016

The Bermuda Police Service recently joined with Crime Stoppers in order to present local school librarians with copies of books chronicling the history of policing in Bermuda.

Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva says, “It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to Hamilton Police Station on this occasion, to recognize the 20th anniversary of Crime Stoppers Bermuda.

“In celebration of their 20 year contribution to bringing offenders to justice, the BPS joins with Crime Stoppers Bermuda to present 8 librarians from our local schools and academic institutions with copies of our BPS books.”

Commissioner Michael DeSilva, Nikita Euler [Whitney Institute], Francoise Palau-Wolffe [Warwick Academy], Takara Dill [Saltus Grammar School], ‎Jennifer Cassidy [Purvis Primary], Mr. David Carruthers [Chairman, Crime Stoppers Bermuda], Uneaka Daniels [Port Royal Primary], Robert Masters [Bermuda College], Heather Stafford [Dellwood Middle School] and Bernadette Tucker [The Berkeley Institute]:

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“These books were published in 2014 to mark the occasion of our 135th anniversary, and they chronicle the history of policing in Bermuda from 1879.

“The project was sponsored by Crime Stoppers Bermuda and the book was created by four former police officers, including Retired Superintendent Andrew Birmingham; Retired Sergeant Alex MacDonald, former Chairman of Crime Stoppers Bermuda and current President of Crime Stoppers International; Retired Sergeant Chris Wilcox; and Retired Chief Inspector Calvin Smith, who was a serving Chief Inspector when the book was published.

“To receive the books today, we have representatives from The Berkeley Institute; Bermuda College; Dellwood Middle School; Port Royal Primary; Purvis Primary; Saltus Grammar School; Warwick Academy; and Whitney Institute.”

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“Each school will receive two copies of the book to hold in their libraries. There is lots of historical information that might be helpful to students who have research assignments on the history of law enforcement in Bermuda, or Bermuda’s history in general.

“And there are lots of photographs of former and serving police officers that will no doubt be recognised by hundreds of students as a close relative of theirs or a family friend. So, no matter the purpose, we hope the books will provide a useful resource to the existing school libraries.

“Crime Stoppers Bermuda was launched in 1996 and allows callers to remain completely anonymous, while offering cash rewards to members of the public who provide information that leads to the apprehension and conviction of criminals, and the recovery of property.

“Their independent and confidential toll free hotline number 800-8477 is answered by professionally trained personnel in Miami to ensure the anonymity of local callers.”

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