Hamilton Ranked ‘World’s Most Expensive City’

December 30, 2016

Bermuda’s capital city of Hamilton has been ranked as the world’s most expensive city, according to rankings posted by The Crazy Tourist, which estimated the cost of living in the city to be $4,769 per month.

626 Hamilton  generic February 2016

The story said, “Using data curated from Numbeo, we’re taking you on a trip around the world to 20 of the most expensive tourist destinations and exploring how locals spend their hard-earned money. We’ve put together several maps and graphs to show you who’s paying the most, where it’s going, and what consumer goods cost locally.

“As you can see, most of the most expensive cities are in Europe and the U.S., but there were a couple surprises here. We had no idea that the median resident in Singapore is paying a whopping $3,210 per month! Also surprising is that Dubai isn’t higher on the list. Sure, $3,051 is a lot to cough up every month, but for a city that’s known for being the playground for the Middle East’s richest and most powerful VIPs, are we silly to have expected more?

“What surprised us most was the variance in costs between the same goods in different cities. High-speed internet access would cost you less than $30 in Hong Kong, but you’d be paying over $140 in Hamilton, Bermuda! Meanwhile, a movie ticket in Bermuda is $12, just over Hong Kong’s $11.60, but in Geneva the same ticket costs almost $20.

“Luckily, almost anywhere you go, the cost of a beer hovers around $6, so if you’re left reeling after spending all that money, you can take the edge off with a pint. Hamilton is the exception; at $9 a beer, you’ll need a few more to forget about the damage to your wallet.

The graphic below was created with data compiled from Numbeo.com on December 16, 2016, and the report notes that Numbeo’s data “relies on crowdsourced submissions, which means that it isn’t a scientific study.”

Infographic courtesy of the Crazy Tourist


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  1. had enough says:

    well they didn’t get the cost of milk right, I’ve never had to pay $16.40 for milk unless that’s for a gallon and even then it’s wrong.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      That was the delivery price. A one bedroom in the city runs you about 4K and up.

    • Smh says:

      They got the Internet costs right though!!

    • Truth Teller says:

      Per month. Unless you buy one carton of milk a month it’s pretty accurate, might be even less that what it actually is.

    • And to think I have’nt had a raise for 5 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • leftwingpolitics says:

      I’m sure they based it on a gallon of milk which would make sense…

      Also, the Internet used to represent the $140 must have been 15Mb with no TV package. 25Mb is usually the starting speed for broadband Internet. That number should change to $239.00.

      It would have been nice to see how our electricity ranks as well.

      • blankman says:

        The milk price is high even for a gallon. Perhaps someone can check the price at their local grocer.

  2. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    And the filthiest.

  3. hmmm says:

    Thankfully, I don’t live in the City

  4. question says:

    where does milk cost $16.40 in hamilton? LOL

  5. Jahstice says:

    $9 beer, after the AC, there will be little tourism as we have priced ourselves out of competition.
    Rents,labor, utilities are way too high. Goodnight Bermuda we did it to ourselves.
    Better hope Trump doesn’t convince companies here to leave.
    The plus thing, beers will go down to $3 if they want to be sold.

  6. scoob says:

    The milk is per gallon.

    $4.33 a litre is $16.40 a gallon

    • blankman says:

      Where do you find milk by the litre.

      That price would make sense if whoever was checking prices for the article looked at a two quart container and recorded the price as being for a litre.

  7. Lady Bug says:

    Goes to show we definitely pay WAY TOO MUCH for internet, and I bet you they get 10x faster speeds and still pay less than us… its highway robbery here!!

  8. josun says:

    It’s s comparative price!

    Four times New York.

    A crime is being committed against the community with protectionism in place.

    Free up the market with long life imported milk. That’s what a lot of Europe uses daily.

    Get rid of watered down local milk which goes off after a couple days and save the cows at Spittle Pond from a life of misery.


  9. NO MORE WAR says:

    The cost of internet here in Bermuda should raise flags everywhere. The most tragic part is the internet service isn’t even half good. It’s poor so people are getting screwed all the way around.

  10. answer says:

    For the milk, I think it goes back to the quantity. You do not see milk for $16, but for example a 4L bag of milk is $3-4, whereas in Bermuda 2L of Dunkley milk is $6. And other types of mailk without hormones and other things are more expensive. So it may be a matter of comparing certain types and quantities of milk.

  11. Skittles says:

    The milk one got me too. I think they took the price of milk that is available overseas ( The organic valley ones) which are just over 7 dollars for the half-gallon and multiplied it by 2, to make a fair comparison to other countries which sell milk by the gallon. Either way, Tokyo is looking really lovely now.Or perhaps Dubai. My pocket has told me this for years but seeing it in print hurst so much.

  12. sage says:

    Internet prices, straight robbery. Still don’t know why milk is like $10 a gallon and gas which is imported, and very expensive compared to most places, is around $8 a gallon, 20% cheaper than locally produced milk.

  13. Bill A says:

    This doesn’t take into account the difference in payroll deductions (e.g. Income/payroll tax, medical, health insurance, social insurance). That would surely make many of the cities more expensive compared to Bermuda.

    • legalgal says:

      Not at all. A lot of the tax deductions cover expenses such as medical (private at $60 per month) and education (saving of $2000 pm. per kid) etc. Would rather pay a fair rate of tax than pay that to local privateers who inflate prices.

  14. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Tell them we are Bermuda, the island in the sun with an occasional refreshing shower or two.

    There will always be some body who will pull the rug out from under.

    Remember, we are in competition with them and they are loosing the game.

  15. Cranberry says:

    Sooo glad we live in cheap old Warwick… only go into the big smoke for liquor and cigars…

  16. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Do you want the truth ? or that which is sweep under the carpet.

    We are coming up to 2017 if that makes any difference and if we are to get ahead in this world we have deal head on with our many problem. Being politically correct does not cut it any more.


    The problems list is very long, most of us know what is on that list.


    let us take BELCo for example, somebody told them to drop the price,that is just a lick of the lolly pop, which, will then open the door some where else to increase the cost of living and do it with out pondering the ramifications, that happens allot across the board around here and in jolly old England.

    Their trick up the pensions at the same time increase the cost of coal.

    I asked you do you want the truth ? its looking you in the face and in virtually very country on the planet, its Taxes, boys and girls, in all its various forms.

    Have you not noticed the thin edge of the wedge, wonder why our visitors go elsewhere ?stop treating them like herding sheep and it is all about MONEY !

    What did you go with out this Christmas not food on the table to meet you TAX commitments ? hey ! you even paid taxes on your tree and all that goes with it. Did you send your children to school hungry ? walk to work or take the bus because gasoline is too expensive the highest on the planet.

    The cost of Fuel plus TAX among other things controls everything.

    Problem #One why we are deemed to be so expensive it has got to do our TAX burden.

    How do you solve problem # 0ne ? tell the blue suits to reduce the TAX burden and tell them to do more with less.

    We,and the country are all in debt up to our eyeballs where did the money go ? how do you think we are going to get out of the mess.

    That is easy TAXATION!

  17. cliff says:

    went to frog and onion had bowl of soup and one dark and stormy bill came to 18 dollars.

  18. Kathy says:

    Interesting to see that utilities are nearly double that of the rest of the world! BELCO?