People’s Campaign Public Meeting On Saturday

January 20, 2017

Continuing their series of public meetings, the People’s Campaign will host another public meeting on Saturday, January 21 at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall in Hamilton.

The flyer said, “As a group we are concerned with the growing frustration and mistrust of the political process in view of the continued rise in unemployment, growing gap between the haves and have nots, and the unequal burden of sacrifice being placed on the lowest and least.”

“If you agree that The People’s Campaign should continue to fight on against the oppressive system in Bermuda that creates social and economic injustices, please attend these community meetings.

“The People’s Campaign is encouraging Bermudian families to come out to these public meetings so that they can engage in meaningful dialogue that will create value for all lives in Bermuda.”

People’s Campaign Flyer 13 Jan 2017

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  1. trump supporter says:

    Tweed was quite until now he’s got a short repreive.

  2. sandgrownan says:

    A movement inspired by MLK?

    You have to be ‘king kidding me! It’s nothing more than a political action group designed to return the PLP to power. A bit of honesty please!

  3. wondering says:

    how about the people in the PC announce their business ventures to get the unemployed working, or their economic plan to get the country ticking again…..a bunch of hot air from a bunch of cheap old farts that sleep on the same money of the people they profess to despise.

    truth and reconciliation needs to start here!

    if they were so interested in all of these gaps then why oh why did it take a change in government for them to speak out – more brainwashing no doubt.

  4. Realist says:

    A gripe session for those who only chose to not uptool and seek employment. The continuous blaming of the Government is disingenuous. At some point if you are truly about helping the unemployed start with showing them the tools for employability. Sitting around creating mistrust only keeps them stuck and doesn’t resolve anything. Further it serves no greater good to act like the current Government is to blame.