People’s Campaign To Host Public Meetings

January 13, 2017

The People’s Campaign will be hosting a series of public meetings next week, with the events set to take place on Tuesday, January 17 at Clearwater Middle School in St. David’s; Thursday, January 19 at Allen Temple A.M.E. Church in Sandys, and Saturday, January 21 at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall in Hamilton.

The flyer said, “As a group we are concerned with the growing frustration and mistrust of the political process in view of the continued rise in unemployment, growing gap between the haves and have nots, and the unequal burden of sacrifice being placed on the lowest and least.”

“If you agree that The People’s Campaign should continue to fight on against the oppressive system in Bermuda that creates social and economic injustices, please attend these community meetings.

“The People’s Campaign is encouraging Bermudian families to come out to these public meetings so that they can engage in meaningful dialogue that will create value for all lives in Bermuda.”

People’s Campaign Flyer 13 Jan 2017

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  1. Imagine that says:


  2. Cow Polly says:

    Are you planning to wind up then?

    Host meetings, complain when only a smattering of people show up, then hold a Press conference basically saying that Bermudians aren’t interested in saving themselves.

    Seen it all before.

    A Movement inspired by Dr Martin Luther King? SMH

  3. Double S says:

    Obviously this group doesn’t understand the term ‘oppression.’

    No one in this island is oppressed.

    Syrians are oppressed. Venezuelans are oppresssed. North Koreans are oppressed.

    For the naysayers, list the laws that are oppressive.

  4. Politricks says:

    If one of your aims is jobs, why would you oppose a project that will provide locals with jobs in both near and longest term?

    How is an airport oppressive?

    • Young Blood says:

      Trim all the roadside weeds jobs = elbow grease instead of chemicals – paying jobs to make Bermuda look great again.

  5. Oppressive System? Please.... says:

    This shrill use of words really is not helpful and anaesthetizes readers to the subject matter.

    You want to see oppressive systems check out China and its Uighurs or Myanmar and its Rohingya or maybe some of the central African republics and how they mutilate their little girls and rob their people of any opportunity to have a better life in freeedom and security and dignity.

    Leave inciting theatrics aside and try to have a mature conversation to move Bermuda forward–not divide it and drive it into the past–we are tired of the kiddie rhetoric.

    You weaken and cheapen the spirit of your cause and mock those with real world problems with such sloppy and off handed references and rhetoric as its hard to take you seriously.

    Re tool recalibrate your messages please.

    Have a blessed day.

    • hmmm says:

      Maybe God will call Tweed to go set up a peoples campaign in one of your listed destinations….surely his work is needed more there than here , the US or the UK.

      • Michael w says:

        as GOD is his shop steward ,leave it to GOD to sort out .

  6. Riley says:

    Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum.

  7. King Jammys says:

    Hypocrites….. “unequal burden of sacrifice being placed on the lowest and the least.” Are these not the same people you wanted to strike at the beginning of the year? i.e. go without pay!!

    • Onion says:

      No. they’re the people the strike stranded at bus stops.

  8. jt says:

    Oppression as in fostering or perpetuating a mindset or view that prevents people from realizing opportunity or potential?

    • Micro says:

      Which is exactly what the PLP/BIU/PC need their followers to see. Only way their bigotry and agendas work.

  9. Terry says:

    I would love to see a list of the Committee and their goals as of date.

    Call a meeting outside the Session House for Monday at 10am.

  10. Ryan says:

    God, I am beyond tired of hearing about this group.

  11. Equality, Jobs, Justice says:

    Agenda items:
    A movement inspired by our party not getting elected and sour grapes.

    What’s an economy again?

    When are we next going to try and block the democratic process?

  12. 747 Airbus 380 says:

    thy have lost the plot now that tweed is going and furburt can’t get his members out to support him

  13. somuchless says:

    Looking for someone to drive Tweddie to the airport on the 19th?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      They need to discuss the parade route through town on the way to the airport.

      • Silence Do Good says:

        I will be at the airport to ensure the door knob does not hit him on the out.

  14. Warlord says:

    Farewell tour for Tweedie Bird

  15. Unus sed Leo. says:

    public meetings?… you mean door to door don’t you?
    Maybe… those lot over there… there not doing anything…. and there church is fullah peopoo….

  16. Unus sed Leo. says:


  17. Northshore says:

    I am calling for ALL BERMUDIANS to stay away from these people`s campaign meetings for these people are problem makers and not PROBLEM SOLVERS!! Simply put all they do is try to instill fear when there is none. That equates to ‘”NOT THE BERMUDIAN WAY!!! Just sayin!

  18. There it is says:

    Entrenched and deep seated. Read Glen Fubler’s last article and you will see no movement from those who only see the People’s Movement as oppressors. That is why his liberal door good ideas always fall on stony ground because those who hate the group never attend or reach out one hand to understand and they know that such hostile attitudes only fuel the situation.

  19. sandgrownan says:

    “..a collection of concerned people of goodwill…”

    Are you kidding me? Bunch of jokers.

  20. steve says:

    When the PLP are elected the group will disband. That tells you all you need to know

  21. Zevon says:

    If they want the rich to help more, how about the churches paying taxes like other businesses?