Extended Submission Date For City Art RFP

February 23, 2017

The Corporation of Hamilton issued a revised RFP for the Washington Lane beatification project, having extended the submission date and increased the budget for the project.

The individual installation budget is $30,000 maximum, with “consideration for more being given to proposals that can implement a range of aesthetic features including, but not limited to: lighting, horticulture, and exterior wall art.”

All proposals must be hand delivered no later than 5:00pm on Monday, March 20th, 2017.

The full statement from the City is below


Over the past two years the City Arts Festival has focused on beautifying various areas in the City to help contribute to our mandate of being a ‘vibrant’ City. Our aim is to expand public art in the City of Hamilton and bring all of the art communities together to celebrate art in Bermuda. The City Arts Festival aims to work with Bermuda’s arts organizations and independent artists to help curate and implement public art installations in the City of Hamilton.

In 2015 we saw the installation of 4 pieces to two main parts of the City and in 2016 we expanded on that by installing 5 more art pieces in 5 new locations adding colour to the City.

Scope of Proposal

For 2017, we want to capitalize on this project and focus on one high traffic area that connects two major streets; Washington Lane. We have partnered with Washington Properties to focus the 2017 City Arts Initiative on improving the general aesthetic and night-time safety of Washington Lane.

Total Budget: $30,000

Individual installation budget: $30,000 maximum, with consideration for more being given to proposals that can implement a range of aesthetic features including, but not limited to: lighting, horticulture, and exterior wall art.

Proposal Guidelines:

  • Proposal location must be in Washington Lane;
  • Artists/Designers may submit more than one proposal;
  • Individual and group/association proposals are eligible;
  • Additional sponsorship from outside sources will be accepted if required to subsidize installation; and
  • One proposal per art installation.

Important Notes:

  • The green exterior paint colors in Washington Mall as of March 2017 will change to match the pink façade already completed on the Reid Street-facing entrance;
  • Preference will be granted to proposals that offer visitors to Washington Lane a unique visual experience that retains and engages a pedestrian audience while improving the sense of place and security; and
  • Both City Hall and the Property Owners reserve the right to refuse any proposal that does not achieve the desired aesthetic or visual impact.
  • Each proposal will remain confidential and will not be shared publicly.

Requirements for Proposal:

  • Project overview
  • Full budget breakdown including but not limited to costs of materials, labour costs of installation, scope of yearly maintenance of installation and artists fee* [costs must be all inclusive]
  • Photos and/or sketches of proposed art piece;
  • Specific location of the installation within Washington Lane;
  • Proposed timeline of installation;
  • Future maintenance [requirements and estimated costs];
  • Brief biography of artist [150 words maximum]; and
  • Contact information [Name, email address, phone number].

Timeline of Proposal:

  • Thursday February 23rd – Call for proposals begin
  • Monday March 20th – Deadline for submission of all proposals
  • Wednesday March 22nd – Review of Submissions
  • Friday March 24th – Awarding of the contracts
  • Monday March 27th – Meeting with Artists to discuss execution and sign contracts and start of installation process and access to location granted
  • Thursday March 30th – First payment disbursed to artists
  • Thursday April 27th – Second payment disbursed to artist [negotiable depending on installation requirements]
  • Monday May 15th –Completion date of installation
  • Thursday May 18th – Last payment disbursed to artists

Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be hand delivered no later than 5:00pm, Monday, March 20th, 2017. Submit your proposal to the City of Hamilton offices at the following address:

  • City of Hamilton
  • Attn: Tamara Bradshaw
  • City Hall
  • 17 Church St
  • Hamilton, HM11


For any questions concerning this proposal please contact Tamara Bradshaw or Danilee Trott:

  • Tamara Bradshaw
  • tbradshaw@cityhall.bm
  • 441-292-1234 ext. 224
  • Danilee Trott
  • dtrott@cityhall.bm
  • 441-279-5254

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  1. Jonathan Land Evans says:

    It would be nice if the Corporation would think more carefully before spending ratepayers’ money on public art projects, some of which (I am thinking of the murals particularly) give Hamilton a Third World vibe that I do not think is beneficial to us or in keeping with our image. Outdoor murals, even if (as in some cases) they are well done, really do not go well with our architecture.