Minister: Fund Helping To Improve St George’s

February 27, 2017

Speaking in the Senate, Minister of Tourism, Transport & Municipalities Michael Fahy provided an overview about developments in St George’s, and how the funds from the fuel levy have been utilized.

The Minister reminded listeners that the UNESCO World Heritage Fund and Levy Act 2013 was passed  back in 2013, enabling the town to collect a tax on fuel landed at Ferry Reach.

He said this idea was pushed hard by St. George’s MP Kenny Bascome and taken on board by the Government as way to help raise revenue for St George’s, and the Old Town has now collected a “significant sum of money” to improve St George’s.

The UNESCO fund is to be used for infrastructure improvements for the Town, upgrades to the fortifications and can also be used to promote the Old Town to ensure that St. George’s retains its World Heritage Site designation.

The sums are managed by the Corporation of St. George’s, and the Minister advised that there is currently: $1,205,145.21 in the UNESCO fund account.

Audio of the Minister’s comments:

The Minister advised that to date the CSG has utilized a total of $49,918 to fund UNESCO projects including:

  • Gunpowder plot- $5000
  • Historic Building Informational signs – $8000
  • UNESCO World Teachers Day promotional banners- $4600
  • St. Peter’s Church – $20,000
  • Clemson University mapping project- $3520
  • UNESCO brochures -$6500
  • UNESCO membership dues- $2298

Additionally, the Minister advised that the CSG will use the remaining UNESCO funds to fund wharf projects within the Town, with the breakdown below:

  • Hunter’s Wharf Shortfall – $462,933.90
  • Ordnance Island and Market Wharf – $589,468.03

The Minister further advised that the CoSG has prioritized wharf projects to meet the demand for dock space for the America’s Cup, and in addition to the UNESCO Fund the CoSG is completing or have completed the following projects in preparation for the cruise ships for the season:

  • 1. Replacement of roof on Penno’s Warehouse $436,040.00
  • 2. Extension of the fresh water line to Penno’s- $92,499.79
  • 3. Water Street Sewer line repair- $62,461.73
  • 4. Dock repair engineering drawings- $22,511.66
  • Total $613,513.18

The Minister explained that the Bermuda Government have contributed a total $1,480,224.19 to the Penno’s Wharf/Hunter’s Wharf Refurbishment project and the funds have been attributed as follows:

  • 1. Fendering- $42,732.00
  • 2. Dock resurfacing- $553,535.00
  • 3. Hunter’s Wharf repairs- $654,722.19
  • 4. Bollard Replacement -$100,000.00
  • 5. CCTV cameras – $83,590.00
  • 6. X-ray machine- $45,645.00

Minister Fahy stated that “had it not been for the UNESCO Levy and the Government’s commitment to the Old Town then things would not be so rosy for St George’s.”

He added that “for the first time in many years there will be dedicated regular cruise ship calls to St Georges – which will bring a much needed boost for retailers.”

The Minister reminded the Senate that twelve extra cruise ships are to call on St George’s each year from 2017 to 2022 as part of a deal between the Government and Norwegian Cruise Lines and that the agreement also includes bringing two catamaran ferries to the island for the run from Dockyard to the East End, along with a yearly investment of $150,000 by NCL to sponsor tourism enhancement in co-operation with the Bermuda Tourism Authority. The NCL tenders would be used to carry NCL passengers only.

Minister Fahy also expressed confidence regarding the commencement of the building of the St Regis branded hotel which he said “will create jobs and opportunities for Bermudians.”

The Minister thanked the CoSG the past Mayor and the current Mayor for their work in managing the UNESCO fund and also expressed his intent to table the required documents to allow the long awaited marina to come to fruition.

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  1. 2017 Swing Voter says:

    Minister Fahy stated that “had it not been for the UNESCO Levy and the Government’s commitment to the Old Town then things would not be so rosy for St George’s.”

    First of all Govt is supposed to be committed to the WHOLE ISLAND FAHY WHY YOU THINK YOU’RE THERE FOR TO SMELL THE ROSES!!!! PURE ARROGANT

    • Wahoo says:

      You don’t sound like a swinger…maybe a but not a swinger.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Well at least he’s trying to help st George’s all plp did was try to destroy st George’s we east enders will NEVER forget.

  2. Cant wait for this guy to leave.