Cabinet Meeting To Be Held In St. George’s

August 30, 2016

Premier Michael Dunkley and his Ministerial Colleagues will be conducting today’s [August 30] Cabinet meeting at the State House in St. George’s, the Cabinet Office advised today.

“As the public is aware, the Cabinet Office on Front Street is currently undergoing extensive renovations. While its under construction, the Ministry of ‎Finance and other locations such as Camden and Commissioner’s House have served as the alternative venues for the weekly Cabinet meetings,” a spokesperson said.

“The Premier advised that this is in keeping with his commitment to extend his community engagement beyond the Cabinet Office. And it is intended that whenever possible, the Cabinet will continue to meet at various locations around the Island in the months ahead.

“While in St. George’s today, and during a break from the Cabinet meeting proceding, the Premier and his Ministerial Colleagues will ‎take the opportunity to chat with businesses, residents and visitors in the area.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    This is somewhat historic. When was the last time Government business was discussed in St Georges?

    • oh dear says:

      Tis a shame the Premier and his entourage do not undertake a walk-a-bout and experience the sadness of St. George’s and speak openly with the locals. They might learn a lot! Perhaps even take notice of the empty and dilapidated buildings.

      • Kindley says:

        As a visitor who loves St. George’s I think a walk-a-bout would be great. Because I love SG so much I want to see it thrive and that is not what I saw this summer. I don’t know what the answer is, but I hope there is an answer because it is truly the best spot on the island and could be such a wonderful family vacation area. This year was the first year I did not feel safe.