Video: ‘Fly Through’ Racecourse & AC Village

February 15, 2017

Today [Feb 15] marks 100 days until the start of the 35th America’s Cup, and the organisers have released a ‘video flythrough’ showing a simulation of what the racecourse and the America’s Cup Village will look like.

Preparations continue for the events that will unfold, with racing set to take place on the Great Sound, which will play host to the fastest boats in America’s Cup history.

America’s Cup Bermuda February 2017

Sir Russell Coutts, CEO of the America’s Cup, said: “100 days to go until the start of the 35th America’s Cup is a major milestone, one that really brings home just how close we all are to the start of what I am sure is going to be the greatest America’s Cup yet.

“When you see the progress that’s being made every day at the America’s Cup Village site in Dockyard, it’s now possible to visualize how the final village will look,” he said.

“We’ve started construction of our largest and most premium hospitality structure and we’ve released a video flythrough which you can see here which is a simulation of what the racecourse and the America’s Cup Village will look like, and that just serves to increase the anticipation and excitement even more.”

“The America’s Cup and all the events around it could not happen without the hard work, drive and determination of thousands of people, in Bermuda and worldwide.

“However, all this work is being done to create the greatest race on water, and now, just 100 days until it starts, it is all becoming very real. The countdown continues!”

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  1. Inquiring Minds says:

    I really really want to know whether America’s Truck is going to be a good thing for Bermuda! It’s really dividing the island!!!!! On the one hand, it might be good and benefit us all, but on the other, it might be bad and only benefit a select few hedge fund goons and corporate fat cats! What’s the REAL answer???

    • Steve says:

      It will be wheely good.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Go ask a few taxi drivers for starters. See how many are already booked simply to be held on standby & getting paid.

    • Wahoo says:

      Are you as dumb as your post makes you sound?

    • Mike Hind says:

      The REAL answer is that it has already benefited us and will continue to do so.
      It has already caused an upgrade to our product, something we have desperately needed and will continue to need.
      It’s not the silver bullet that will cure all our woes, but it’s a very, VERY good step forward for us, one of many that we need to continue taking.

    • James H says:

      Americas Cup will only benefit those who get up off the couch an do something. Unfortunate for some. Perhaps that answers your question.

    • sue dumps says:

      cee harlie – ya playing games ya jelly bird

  2. Unbelievable says: