Public Invited To Help Rethink Public Spaces

March 18, 2017

The Ministry of the Environment, Department of Planning is sponsoring a free seminar and workshop that invites the public to rethink our public spaces.

A spokesperson said, “Those who travel will have experienced public spaces that feel welcoming, relaxing, safe and alive. There’s a community feeling; there are thriving shops and businesses around you, activities and events to capture your attention or you can just sit and watch people going by. These are the kind of spaces that you want to revisit. But what is it that makes these places so inviting?

“Project for Public Spaces is conducting a free seminar and a free workshop in Bermuda on “placemaking”. These are taking place this Monday, 20 March and Tuesday, 21 March.

“Register for one or both: the Power of 10 Presentation [Monday at 7:00 pm] or The Place Game [Tuesday at 9:00 am].

“Parks, squares, public markets and pedestrian streets are some of the spaces that representatives of the Project for Public Spaces will explore, along with sharing examples of excellent placemaking around the world. The workshop will also concentrate on two areas in Hamilton as participants work in teams to apply the principles of placemaking.

Minister of the Environment,  Sylvan Richards said, ”It is ideal that representatives of this New York-based, non profit could come here so more people can experience this workshop and seminar. The public should have input on how we design our gathering spaces and the workshop and seminar are certain to stimulate discussion.”

Director of Planning, Aideen Ratteray Pryse added, “I would encourage anyone interested to register because this represents a rare opportunity to learn from experts in the planning and use of public spaces. We need to create places that the community feels a sense of ownership of and stewardship towards, and the skills offered through the seminar and workshop will assist anyone interested in contributing to a better Bermuda.”

Principles of Placemaking: the Power of 10.

“This presentation will explain the placemaking process and its core principles. It will be accompanied by a Power of 10 exercise facilitated by Project for Public Spaces staff. The Power of 10 is a concept that all neighbourhoods and cities need a number of great destinations to be truly lively spaces. Participants will think afresh about the destinations and places in their corner of Bermuda. Open to all. Registration required.

  • Monday, 20 March, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Church Street, Hamilton.

What Makes a Great Place, and The Place Game.

“This interactive workshop will begin with a presentation on core placemaking principles and provide background on how to evaluate and understand a place from a user’s point of view. A Place Game exercise will focus on two areas in Hamilton – one on the waterfront and one in North-East Hamilton. In teams, participants will assess the spaces and develop a vision for the sites. This is a ‘hands on’ opportunity to apply the Power of 10 concepts. Open to all but numbers are limited. Registration required.

  • Tuesday, 21 March, 9:00 am – noon, Pier 6, Front Street, Hamilton.

If you have any questions, contact the Department of Planning at or call Julie Marshall at 295 5151 ext. 1403.”

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  1. park says:

    Hilarious – how about not making our national botanical garden into a works and engineering parking lot for a start!?