Photos: Project Action’s High Tea Fundraiser

April 28, 2017

Project Action’s High Tea 2017 fundraiser was held recently, with the sold out event seeing local ladies honoured and junior hostesses helping out.

A spokesperson said, “Project Action’s High Tea 2017 Fundraiser took on a different theme this year with Inter-Island Communications co-sponsoring this yearly event. In the three previous teas, our theme was focused on Her Majesty’s Royal.

“Our first tea featured the big screen viewing of Prince William’s marriage and the other two teas HM Jubilee and Coronation with the Bermuda Governors Gozney and Fergerson as the honoured patrons.

“This year the board decided to look within Bermuda and came up with several ladies and boiled it down to three and decided to publicize two, Lady Lully Gibbons and Mrs. Olga Scott, who had both graciously accepted our honourable invitation.

“Our third honouree, Mrs. Florenz Maxwell was asked to be the presenter at the tea for Lady Gibbons and Mr. Robert J. Horton generously accepted to be the presenter for his friend Mrs. Olga Scott.

“The support from corporate Bermuda, including Hanover Life Re, Bermuda HealthCare Services, XL Catlin, Gibbons Company, and Ageing Disability Services, was tremendous.

“Many of the corporate donors donated their table-seating to seniors. This allowed us to invite many seniors who use, have used, and or support Project Action.”


Chief Volunteer and retired school teacher Rose Douglas said, “To them this an opportunity to attend a social event and interact with a diverse group and the stimulation, joy and excitement they experience is such a community social Project Action provides.”

Mrs. Swan said, “We the directors of Project Action are ecstatic after hosting a sold out attendance for Bermuda Royals High Tea at the Hamilton Princess Hotel.

“This fundraiser does not bring in a lot of dollars to PA, but I view it as a social community event, where all sectors of the community come to tea as one; seniors, middle-aged, teenagers and we included three eleven-year-olds as junior hostesses this year.

“We made sure they all went away not only with a good time, but a learning experience because there are so many in their 20s to early 40s who won’t support a tea party because they say it’s only for old folks; well, I’m trying to expose them to high tea and a new experience, where all ages came enjoy a teatime social event.

“Mrs. Leona Thompson, a St. George’s centenarian, was to be one of our special guests, but was rushed to hospital Sunday morning for high blood pressure challenges. She was so disappointed and I’m told all she talked about was the pretty white hat she had purchased to attend the event.

“We would be remiss if we did not also single out our volunteers/staff – in particular Ms. Rose Douglas, Mr. Ian Farrow, Shuby Degrilla and Ceola Wilson. These persons have been a solid foundation for Project Actin and have seen us through the peaks & valleys, as a charity meeting the needs of our seniors and the physically challenged, but solely dependent on the generosity of private individuals and corporate donors.”

Junior hostess McKenzie-Kohl Tuckette, age 13, said, “My volunteer experience at Project Action’s High Tea was so rewarding. It turned out to be much more than community service and I am looking forward to the next High Tea. I left the event feeling empowered by the stories of all the honorees.

“Mrs. Maxwell shared the importance of persistence and never giving up. Mrs. Scott shared the importance of genuine dedication and Lady Gibbons shared the importance of being true to your word and helping where you can.”

Junior hostess Mia Currin, age 14, said, “It was really nice. I’ve been to tea parties before, but not such a fancy and formal tea. I worked with other girls and gained community service hours. I would like to volunteer for Project Action again.”

Junior hostess Ayanna Peniston, age 13, said, “It truly teaches young girls how to work as a hostess in a restaurant. You learn grace and social skills.”

Junior hostess Zenji Washington, age 11, said, “The High Tea was fabulous. I really enjoyed it and I hope I can come to the other upcoming tea party.”

Junior hostess Grace Peterson, age 12, said, “It was an honor to be able to help the people to find their seats and make sure they were ok. I very much enjoyed being at the Project Action High Tea and hearing about the ladies who have done so much for the island.”

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