Harrington Sound School Closed For Two Days

May 11, 2017

The Department of Education has advised of a two day closure of Harrington Sound Primary School, saying the “school will be closed Monday, 15 May and Tuesday, 16 May for maintenance” as it “experienced an infestation of bird mites due to birds nesting in the roof.”

Commissioner of Education, Dr. Freddie Evans stated: “The school has experienced an infestation of bird mites due to birds nesting in the roof space.

“While the mites are not harmful to humans, we wish to safeguard the health of students and staff as the mites could potentially trigger allergies or asthma. The school will be closed while the pests are eradicated and general maintenance is carried out.”

“The Department of Education apologises for any inconvenience and thanks parents and guardians for their understanding. The school will reopen on Wednesday, 17 May.”

Update 1.22pm: The Ministry issued a subsequent statement amending the dates of closure to Monday, 15 May and Tuesday, 16 May, and saying the school will reopen on Wednesday, 17 May – so the text has been amended to reflect that.

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  1. Kiverja says:

    Could this “eradication and general maintenance” not be carried out over the weekend so as not to lose two days of school?

    • Smarter441 says:

      The schools start to wind down at this time anyway let the kids enjoy their time off

      • college student says:

        No! They need the work done over weekend. Why let the kids have more time off? It’s review time, why waste it. The private schools would have this resolved without lose of teaching time.

    • Wow says:

      It appears that the oba would rather spend the extra overtime money on Americas cup than on the children of the public school :(

      • Earth watch police says:

        Y e ah we pay hundreds of millions for the civil service but you want to blame the government for this bunch of lazy ##ck#rs.

    • Hsps mother says:


  2. um just saying says:

    Have you checked all schools for any other possible infestations?

  3. Children should have to “miss” school for this. I assume parents will have to miss work also. Don’t make children lose out. Pay the workers over time if need be and get it done without interrupting the kids.

  4. sage says:

    A related point, a friend told me if mites infest a bluebird box just put tobacco in the bottom and they will evacuate.

  5. mixitup says:

    Not that I needed a reminder as to where this Gov’ts priorities are….

  6. Sai Wainwright says:

    That’s been happening at HSPS since I was there 1978-1985 but we just dealt with it. Unfortunate that school is being disrupted however, I’m sure Dr. Evans will do what’s best within his control. Best Primary school ever.

  7. Freshkid says:

    Stop lying you people..the school has been in that state for a while..if you go back and look at the SCORE Report they did when they wanted to close some of the primary school you will see what they found wrong with Harrington Sound School..you all are just acting like this just came about you all should be ashame of yourselves.

    Just saying people go look at the SCORE REPORT…and you will see how long its been.