STEAM Summer Courses Offered To Students

June 22, 2017

The Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented Education Programme [GATE] will offer a summer Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics [STEAM] Academy for students in primary 5 through senior school from July 4 -26 at CedarBridge Academy.

Minister of Education, Cole Simons said, “For a third consecutive year the Department is pleased to sponsor a summer STEAM academy. We hope students take advantage of the excellent courses offered in coding, digital interfacing, renewable energy technology and gaming. This year we are conducting the academy in partnership with AH! TEMPO, one of Bermuda’s premiere performing arts programme.”

AH! TEMPO performing arts workshop for P3-S3 students will be directed by Malinda Simmons-Jennings and a team of local experts in the visual and performing arts. Students will be trained in the multi-facets of the performing and receive daily instruction in dance, devising original drama, vocal styles, vocal technique, set building, costume and prop making.

Digibotics lead by Dr. John Madiro for students in P4-6 will engage them in coding, programming, digital interfacing, collaboration, curiosity, ingenuity, hands-on robot design, global awareness and teamwork via web-based platforms.

This year, they will specifically explore Drone Technology and the Global Positioning System [GPS]. This programme is for students who have been nominated by their school.

Students in level M1-S4 can attend the Renewable Energy’s Challenge lead Iman Gibbons and experiment with Sustainable Transport Solutions. Students will challenge each other to find out which is the best way to power or deliver energy to remote operated vehicles using the various emerging renewable technologies.

They will measure the super energy density and power of the super capacitor, compare different kinds of fuel cell technology, all of which convert elements into electrical energy: the direct ethanol fuel cell, the salt water fuel cell and two types of micro-PEM fuel cells that exploit the high energy efficiency of hydrogen fuel.

Additionally, they will harness the power of sunlight with micro solar panels, wind power with micro turbines and even generate electricity. In teams, students will build prototypes and compete in the SEROV Challenge Enduro Race.

Students in M1-S4 can participate in the Gaming Academy, directed by Neville Zuill, is an intensive two week programme designed to introduce passionate young game designers and developers to the methods and processes used by professional game makers throughout the world.

The program focuses on all aspects of the creative process from ideation to problem-solving to delivery. Students will create their own original digital online game, develop skills and strategies to prepare them for a future in the digital media industry.

The Academy will culminate with a STEAM Academy Student Showcase on 27 July at Ruth Seaton James Centre for Performing Arts. For more information contact or register at

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