Wednesday Night Sailing Series Results

July 13, 2017

The Wednesday Night Sailing Series continued in the Hamilton Harbor were 20 boats went to the start line for the latest racing.

Nasty Medicine was the first bat to cross the line, they clocked a time of 50.00, their corrected time of 54.33 saw them finish 10th overall, Smokin was the next boat to cross the line that were clocked at 53.14 and with their corrected time of 49:13 saw them finish 1st overall.

Finishing second in a corrected time of 50.22 was Solna II who crossed the line in a time of 1:00.16. Thrash was third on the night with a corrected time of 51.16, Airforce was fourth with a time of 52.01 and Passion rounded out the top five finishers on the night with a corrected time of 52.33.

Wednesday Night Sailing Series 2 Race 4

  • 0:49:13 Smokin
  • 0:50:22 Solna II
  • 0:51:16 Thrash
  • 0:52:01 Airforce
  • 0:52:33 Passion
  • 0:52:46 Peppercorn
  • 0:53:04 Mayhem
  • 0:53:11 Back in Black
  • 0:54:17 Solaise
  • 0:54:33 Nasty Medicine
  • 0:54:56 Vixen
  • 0:57:03 Cyclone
  • 0:57:16 Reckless
  • 0:54:23 Blitz
  • 0:59:37 Roberta
  • 1:00:36 Gumpshon
  • 0:54:46 Celerity
  • 1:03:08 Erin
  • 0:57:14 Chequemate
  • 0:58:06 Shogun
  • 1:08:10 Posh

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    I do not watch American foot ball basically because I don’t understand the game or may be I am just not interested seeing a bunch of guys beat up on one another.

    The success of America Cup, a one design match racing event, relies heavily on spectators just as American foot ball does, the drawing card is excitement for those waiting for something exciting to happen, the competitors race for 20 miles and loose by 10 seconds, wow !

    I doubt if last Wednesday evening local sailboat race attracted very many spectators this temps you ask the question why ?

    Is it speed that some people crave for or could it be the lack of understanding of the rules and tactics, racing sailboats are subject to the “Racing rules of sailing” specifically designed to prevent or avoid collisions,if nothing else, may be the reason that some come to see a race in the first place, sorry to disappoint you as the game is all about skill.

    Collisions are not going to happen ! except on very rare occasions where rules are broken,misunderstood or where situations are just unavoidable, usually at turning marks.

    You want Drama, park your self at a turning mark or start line.

    The Wednesday evening sailing comprised of many different sizes and types of boats and in order for them to compete fairly they all compete under a handicap system , basically they are all racing against the clock. The biggest boat does not always win, it is the skill of the crew that wins races.