BTA Website Ranked As Top Tourism Website

August 8, 2017

Skift, an international travel news site, recently ranked the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s website as one of the “25 Best Tourism Board Websites in the World.”

The article wrote: “The best tourism websites in the business in 2017 are emphasizing user-generated content from platforms like Instagram and doubling down on video to make destinations seem more real rather than a part of a traveler’s imagination.”

Skift continues to describe Bermuda Tourism Authority’s website as a site “rich with inspiring content and for a small island nation in the middle of the Atlantic the site demonstrates that there’s no shortage of things to do or people to meet.”

The rankings prioritized websites with the best user experience overall, especially on mobile with “the most modern modular layout, seamless navigation and impactful visuals, and the most nuanced multi-format storytelling.”

They also looked at how all of the above work together to “make you want to go visit the destination, and more importantly, actually use the website to research the entire travel experience.”

Other websites featured include Canada’s national tourism website,which was lauded for its use of Instagram and other user-generated content, and ‘Visit The Faroe Islands’ website, highlighting their use of “Sheepview” to show travelers’ 360-degree views of the country.

To read the rest of the article and view the full list visit here.

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  1. Athena says:

    Good to read that the BTA initiative continues to be one of the best moves implemented by the former government.

    To all involved at BTA kudos and keep up the high standard!