New Social Travel Website ‘nWeave’ Launches

August 18, 2015

nWeave, a social travel website that allows users to enter their travel plans online and see which of their friends either live at the their travel destination or will be visiting that destination at the same time, has launched, promising to “make it easy for travel-loving Bermudians to connect with their friends across the globe.”

Users can also enter where they live and nWeave will tell them when their international friends are coming to visit them. Whether traveling for vacation, heading overseas for school or taking a business trip, nWeave makes sure that there is never an opportunity missed to catch up with friends.

nweave site august 18 2015

The inspiration for nWeave came from the struggle that nWeave founder Emily Dunne experienced when trying to catch up with friends while home from university. Every time she traveled back to Bermuda, she found it difficult to figure out which of her friends were also on the island at the same time.

Despite various text messages and Facebook threads between friends to try to share travel schedules, it always seemed that she missed catching up with someone because she didn’t realize which days their schedules overlapped.

Therefore, with encouragement from friends and family, Ms Dunne started building nWeave during her senior year of university so that she and her friends could easily share their travel plans in one centralized location.

The site has been in testing since the beginning of the year but is now available to the public, with many improvements made since Ms Dunne first launched the site to her close friends and family. Users can now sign up for nWeave using their Facebook account which makes it easier to find their friends who are also using nWeave.

As the website’s user base continues to grow, Ms Dunne hopes that users will be open with their feedback and share their ideas for improvements and new features.”

For more information about nWeave, email, or visit the website, Facebook page, or Twitter page.

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