Fahy: “Unfortunate, But The Right Thing To Do”

November 28, 2017

“This is unfortunate, but it is absolutely the right thing to do,” Michael Fahy said following Nick Kempe’s resignation, adding that he suspects “Nick will be back if the OBA is prepared to make changes – much like was advocated by the BDA in relation to the UBP some years ago.”

His comments follow after Nick Kempe resigned as Chairman of the OBA only five days after being elected, with Mr Kempe saying his position “has become untenable,” and he is “sadly convinced that the Leadership is the embodiment of a mindset that has failed the electorate in the past.”

In his letter sent to members, Mr Kempe said, “Unfortunately, my position as Chair has become untenable.

“After having a number of conversations with the Leader, it has become clear that my vision for the future of the OBA relative to its rebuilding is diametrically opposed to that of the Leader.

“I joined and stood for the OBA because I believed in their principles and accordingly I became a passionate advocate of those principles.

“My mandate was to bring change but recent events demonstrate to me that the Executive will not be able to function with the fundamental political and policy discordance between its Chair and Leader during this key period of rebuilding.

“To remain and attempt to drive change without the necessary support would be an exercise in futility. It is my belief that this will hamper the Party’s ability to attract the necessary new talent in the immediate and long term. As such, I have decided to resign as Chair with immediate effect.

“I am grateful for the backing I received on Saturday and the support of my vision for change. I am sadly convinced that the Leadership is the embodiment of a mindset that has failed the electorate in the past. When that mindset has changed I will be more than prepared to serve the OBA again,” Mr Kempe added.

Mr Fahy, who previously served as the OBA Chairman as well as an OBA Senator and Minister, said Mr Kempe’s resignation was  ”unfortunate, but it is absolutely the right thing to do.”

“Nick Kempe is a forceful advocate for change and passionate about Bermuda. He was excellent as Chairman of the BEDC. I suspect Nick will be back IF the OBA is prepared to make changes – much like was advocated by the BDA in relation to the UBP some years ago.”

When asked about the comments – which he initially made on social media – Mr Fahy did not expand, however said he “stood by them.”

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  1. dick francis says:

    Fahy: you were part of the problem, you were perceived as being very arrogant – now it’s time to go, completely.

    • JAWS says:

      Minister Fahy take note. The people that turn on you are the real UBP. You never should have merge the original BDA party with these UBPERs. That party needs to come back and please distance yourself from the OBA////UBP FAST.

    • Bda guy says:

      He should have resign because Fahy was the problem that why OBA Lost and thst why i didn’t vote for the OBA this time around and i know about 300 people didn’t vote for the OBA because of Fahy.

    • Are we glad that we dont have to be subject to de F!@# ups that he and SpongeBob were implementing.
      So long By By

  2. Spilt milk says:

    Im running out of popcorn watching the OBA show I tell you.

    • recognizance says:

      But you’re ok with your country spiralling into a black hole, so long as the PLP are the ones who are running it?

      • Ezy Ryda says:

        But u was ok with your precious OBAUBP gov doubling our debt, doubling our un-employment, allowing expats to stay as long as they like in jobs that can be filled by locals, allowing their children to work knowing that our children coming back from school cant even get a job, the constant lying and deception the did for 4 and a half years, the sheer arrogance they showed and so much more…so miss me with yoy fake plp outrage. Losing an election the way they did speaks volumes and u oba ppl want to keep defelcting from that like reality doesnt exist. Gtfoh

        • Ezy Ryda says:

          Type too fast-

          *they did
          *your fake

        • Onion says:

          The PLP created the debt and deficit and David Burt promised far more debt in 2012 than we have today.

          Stop lying.

        • Munga says:

          Please Ezy obviously the PLP propaganda has worked. So the OBA should not have borrowed money to pay the civil service or senior health care or financial assistance etc..? It is very difficult to stop a sinking ship.
          The PLP has doomed the country to financial ruin but you seem alright with that. Bermuda is paying $500,000 a day on interest payments alone.
          Bermudians must understands that we survive off foreign investors, the very people that the AC attracted.

      • Eyes wide open says:

        But you and the oba/UBP wanted Bermudians to vote for the experimental party that’s whole campaign was run on FALSE propaganda. Is the oba still the UBP the answer is YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

        Bermudians asked the question we already know just to see if the UBP would lie us.

        You UBP spent the entire 4 to 5 years and a great deal of money..
        a trying to blame the PLP of the recession…
        b investigating DR. B…
        c the sail boat race….
        d Commission of Inquiry…
        e Bob the non builder told us it was no money but magically money appeared for a sail boat race owned by Billionaires :)
        f plus lying to Bermudians about Jet Gate
        g trying to give every person Bermuda status to increase your votes at the election.

        Now Nicky and Fahy are coming out and adding more fuel to burn the UBP in a fire.

        THE LIST GOES ON!!!

        • Funny times says:

          Fam is crazy that these obaubp trolls and supporters will forget all the crap their party did in a short space of time and make it seem like the election but whipping was a fluke and we only voted for plp because of race yet 96 percent of the white population voted for the oba. So miss me with that argument. It holds no water here. The oba were the worst govt in history and again a landslide victory tells the tail heavy

        • youranorc says:

          Thing is any new party will get the ubp label to ensure the plp strangle hold. Eventually you will see. I have a bus to catch.

        • youranorc says:

          Thing is any new party will get the ubp label to ensure the plp strangle hold. Eventually you will see. I have a bus to catch.

  3. watching says:

    The bigger question is if Fahy will be coming back…

  4. outkasted says:


  5. Um.... says:

    It’s not just about a name. Follow the money in whatever they will call the party next and it traces right back to the UBP and the 40 Thieves. It will take much more than a name change. It will truly take a new and diverse party to make people feel that ties are broken from the UBP.

    I’d love to see people like Nick Kempe and some other bright spots in the PLP break away from the establishment on both sides. The far right and far left in Bermuda politics is bad for us all. We need a more centrist and fiscally responsible party who does have genuine concern for social issues. I’d support that. Because right now it’s the lesser of two evils and that doesn’t make for a strong government.

    • Reuben says:

      While I get your point and agree with it, I just have to ask Who is the far left in Bermuda? Cause both parties are very right leaning.

      • Um.... says:

        OBA = Right with small government and less entitlement programs. PLP = Left with big government (unions) and entitlement.

        Both come to the middle somewhat as it comes to the private sector as our GDP driver but that’s easy since we rely on IB and the ancillary services that support it. So both parties hands are forced in that regard. Our biggest issue is the debt and I haven’t had confidence in much that I had heard from the PLP as opposition. I am, however, willing to give Premier Burt a chance to prove his understanding of finance. I hope he is successful in balancing the budget and growing the economy. We all benefit from his success.

        But I would love to see a strong opposition emerge. I fear that the OBA will be in such shambles for the next 4-6 years that the PLP will have a blank cheque to do as they please. And history has shown that the country loses. We need a strong opposition no matter who is in power.

        • bdaboy says:

          ” PLP = Left with big government (unions) and entitlement.”

          Calling the PLP Left is hilarious…Lefties tend to be progressive, not bigoted and not homophobic….the PLP is the opposite of this. The PLP is to the right, conservative…just like the trump republicans. LMFAO

  6. Pondering says:

    It was interesting what Mr Fahy had to say. Compare it with the other overseas territories and their policies for non-belongers. Perhaps he was too aggressive, however, the other party had already made up their minds that, because he was OBA, they wouldn’t even listen to consider the option. I fear this is what we are seeing continue. The parties need to drop the “my way or the highway” attitudes and endeavor to include the best of both parties for the good of Bermuda.

  7. Consequences says:

    I’m one hoping Mr. Fahy does come back. He’s smart and honest. If people would only get over this nonsense about race, and look at what is trying to be achieved, you would have seen Mr. Fahy as a Minister about getting Bermuda moving forward for all. And yes, I’m a black Bermudian who supported the Pathways to Status!

    • i heart 441 says:

      You a unique type or character if you believe Fahy has the best interest of Bermudians no matter what their race is.

  8. Only in Bermuda says:

    @recognizance, please explain what hole are you referring to that the PLP is digging. Because from what I recall hearing recently is that the OBA choices of the Americans Cup, the airport deal and now the Casino is the the biggest hole dug in this Century. They did such a great job with that I guess that’s why they’re serving as the ruling party.
    Self greed will never prevail. My mom always taught me not to envy what anyone has because you never know how they got what they have.
    As a voter I now understand clearly from the OBA government deception and greed by some is still alive and well. So when you can show me the hole the PLP is digging then we can have another conversation

    • recognizance says:

      The AC brought money in far, far in excess of the outlay. The airport will take the pressure of to pay millions in just basic maintenance costs on the existing terminal, whilst creating jobs for Bermudians of all colours. The Casino issue I have have insufficient knowledge of.

      We were left in a huge hole by the PLP last time, which is why they were voted out. That’s democracy. Now I see the PLP reverting back to the same old policies and actions, keeping their members happy, but doing nothing to forward the country as a whole. I fail to see where the OBA were greedy or deceptive, but their PR and communication skills were, frankly, appalling.

      • Funny times says:

        Of course u fail to see that because u most likely benefitted from the oba reign like the small handfull that did.

      • Jadon says:

        AC “report” is projected income and they didn’t include the cost of Cross Island.. And then they say “the projected income” is 300+ million. Oh ok… I’ll build a business and sell it to you with a projected income of 200 million a year. Need my account details?

    • bdaboy says:

      “So when you can show me the hole the PLP is digging”

      wow! You’re obviously too blinded by your hatred for other Bermudians that you can’t see what your beloved party is doing, and has done, to Bermuda.

      How sad.

  9. its only just begun says:

    Wait to the current govts circles start colliding!

  10. bdaboy says:

    “So when you can show me the hole the PLP is digging then we can have another conversation”

    Your ignorance is astounding. Blinded by racism.

    The OBA brought over $300M in revenue to Bermuda.

    The PLP spent millions from Bermuda.

    Do you understand the difference?

    • Doc says:

      $300 million in revenue but how much did the government make back considering they spend roughly $100 million

      • Funny times says:

        According to that report it was 4 million, which is why if im correct I wonder what are they hanging their hats up about. It was clear only a small few benefitted from that but whi cares jus as long as the oba and their shields and trolls say it we suppose to just tuck our tails between our legs and do what they say

      • bdaboy says:

        “spend roughly $100 million”

        $64M isn’t roughly $100M…is that plp math rearing it’s stupid head again?

    • Ezy Ryda says:

      Bruh dont hold your breath. He is a useless troll. These oba ubp lot can NEVER prove anything. Because “they” say it its suppose to be true, i.e. the Dred Scott decision in the U.S.Supreme court. So all they gonna do is deflect, deny, and straight up lie just like his partt did for 4 and a half years

    • recognizance says:

      Let’s keep it civil. It’s something we must do as a country to move forward. let the politicians fight and be as childish as they want, the rest of us ought to be able to address the issues as grown ups.

    • Funny times says:

      Ok but also the debt doubled under the oba and the unemployment so whats your point? Hw much money did the Govt get from the AC? Was it like jus 4 mill? That report left out so many key factors but hey keep telling that same line over and over. Because the fact of the matter remains that 300 mill u bragging about was all trickle down economics were all the oba ubp friends and family benefitted but everyone else saw the crumbs. So miss me with that crap. O and by the way the music festivals under the plp were successful too but u wont hear that now would u…

      • Comfortably numb says:

        Lol, the Beyoncé concert lost millions. As to The Dockyard Music Festivals I worked as a bartender in the VIP lounge which was filled with D list “celebrities” from Atlanta and Miami, flown in By Dr B and put up at the South P. They were called FOP’s as in friends of the Premier

      • bdaboy says:

        ” trickle down economics were all the oba ubp friends and family benefitted but everyone else saw the crumbs”

        if all you got was crumbs, it’s because you’re too lazy and too stupid to get off your a$$ and do something…you sit around expecting handouts…why do you think you deserve anything?

        Work for it, a$$hole.

      • recognizance says:

        Ok, so I guess you can’t be civil. I can’t hold a conversation with someone like that. Come back when you learn some manners and we’ll try again like adults.

      • i heart 441 says:

        Lol, did you just state that the music festivals put on by the PLP where successful. lmaooo
        I worked at the first two festivals and it was a majority Bermudian crowd in attendance each year. Not much tourism dollars where spent during that time frame.

    • MsLezlyBean says:

      A person’s perspective may be ignorant but person’s ideals is not driven singly by racism. The fact that your fellow Bermudian supports the PLP does not make him/her racist. Any more than your support for the OBA makes you a racist. Nor does speaking freely of racial disparity make you blind. Is it possible that you have misunderstood his/her perspective?

      I enjoy reading the sentiment of Bernews’ audiences especially without the…labels.

      As for the debt, it is what it is. Both parties have sunk my grandbaby’s pension heavily into this elephant-snack of a deficit! The trouble is, without redistribution of the wealth and power structures on this teeny-tiny dot of an island each races will continue its race against each other – ne’er the two shall twine. Like it or not. If you don’t think you can effect changes maybe you’re not Bermudian.

      Whatever direction Bermuda is headed toward will always be because of the hearts and minds of Bermudians, and like it or not there isn’t but 21 square miles of landmass for everyone to SHARE, debt included.

  11. Stay woke says:

    So, the experiment has failed. The “window dressing” approach to politics has been tried and the OBA got caught out. The likes of Moniz, Dunkley and Gibbons are in a time warp where their opinions and world view still matter. They don’t and that’s the message of July 18th.The reason that Kempe, in spite of privileged existence, has a better chance of resonating with voters is because he’s less defined by the self/business style politics of the UBP/OBA crowd and understands that the appeal of 21st century politics is not found in old world trickle down economics and patrician handouts. Young people in particular want to be empowered and not told that their lot in life is to patted on the head and told to be grateful for the success of others while all they have is an opportunity to struggle. The world has changed and the OBA leadership’s failure to understand that is the cause of their demise. The “Alliance” will not survive this current mess because the Dunkleys and Moniz-es of the world cannot countenance a local scene without them at work protecting the entrenched interests of the few. The saddest part of this is that Pamplin-Gordon, Atherden, Jackson and Sylvan Richards actually have nothing to protect but stand boldly as the loudest defenders of a system that history has proven just “plays” them. Dunkley and Moniz I understand; Pat and the rest, I never will.

  12. bdaboy says:

    “spend roughly $100 million”

    $64M isn’t roughly $100M…is that plp math rearing it’s stupid head again?

    You plp bigots are a hateful bunch…must be awful being you.

  13. What nonsense is this.

    Now wanting to cut U.B.P. ties.
    See, Bermuda…..it was ALWAYS with us and will always be. the name WILL CHANGE but the oligarchy mentality remains until Christ comes.
    Bermudians…. NEVER be deceived AGAIN.
    Fahy and his foolishness….deception for always!!!

    • bdaboy says:

      ” NEVER be deceived AGAIN.”

      LOL, “But we had to deceive you”

      you guys are absolutely hilarious, you’re trump voters who complain about the lack of healthcare. LMFAO

  14. Average Bermudian says:

    fey ???


  15. Marge says:

    The comments on this subject are very chidish..grow up and contribute in a more meaningful way .

  16. bdaboy says:

    trumps america = burts bermuda

  17. Coffee says:

    Fahy , Kempe and Cannonier should strike out on their own . They should call the party PUB … PEOPLE UNITING BERMUDA .. or something like that you know , a proper drinking party .

  18. Coffee says: