First “Inside Public Schools” Newsletter

February 7, 2018

The Department of Education has published its first edition of ‘Inside Public Schools,’ a newsletter aimed at keeping parents, students, and the general public informed about the happenings at the island’s public schools.

The schools featured include West End Primary, West Pembroke Primary, Purvis Primary, Sandys Middle School, Paget Primary, Gilbert Institute, Heron Bay, Port Royal Primary, Dalton E. Tucker Primary, T. N. Tatem Middle School and Somerset Primary School.

The newsletter’s first edition includes highlights of West End Primary’s Legend Stevenson winning the the Front Street Mile, their school Cross Country, and placing second in the Western Zone meet, as well as Delano Maybury finding a $50 bill on the school grounds and promptly turning it in to the principal.

Also highlighted is West Pembroke Primary’s love of “sports, art and music,” the R.E.A.L. Robocs program at Purvis Primary, Sandys Middle School students taking part “in a variety of learning experiences from the classroom and beyond,” Paget Primary students enjoying “enriching experiences,” Gilbert Institute students engaging “in a variety of learning experiences,” Heron Bay Primary “promoting alternative thinking strategies,” Port Royal Primary’s library re-opening, Dalton E. Tucker Primary students offering their “wishes for the world,” T. N. Tatem Middle School launching new initiatives, and Somerset Primary School “developing persuasive writers.”

The full Inside Public Schools newsletter follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Oh really says:

    And the point of this is??? There is so much that needs to be done to upgrade our school system and this is what they have accomplished. Really………

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      A complete waste of time which confirms the presence of dead weight in the Ministry.

    • good point says:

      Why be negative about encouraging young people to be featured in a publication that all of Bermuda can see, and then show them how proud we are of them? #ittakesavillage #romewasntbuiltinaday

  2. good point says:

    Congratulations to all of the young minds highlighted in this publication. Looking forward to reading more of the success stories of Bermuda’s future!