Video: “Taking Off” Highlights Skyport Staff

February 8, 2018

Skyport has released the sixth episode of ‘Taking Off’, a video series with host Mikaela Pearman that highlights the airport redevelopment project, with this week’s video highlighting the Skyport staff.

Speaking in the sixth episode, Mikaela Pearman said, “Did you know that the majority of Skyport staff are Bermudian?That’s right – Skyport is local company with Bermudian employees.

“Allisson Russell was a Department of Airport Operations employee who stayed on with Skyport. She is the newly-promoted Finance Manager with responsibilities for reviews and analyses of the company’s performance of expenditures and revenues to ensure the budget is not exceeded. Allisson also prepares monthly financial statements and assists the finance director.

“Joseph Butterfield is one of the new recruits. He’s the Superintendent, Buildings and Maintenance with responsibilities for the day to day supervision of the maintenance staff, overseeing management and administration of the airport and more.Joe also ensures the airport buildings and systems comply with international and established airport standards.

“Lonnie Bascome is another former DAO staff member. He is the Air Operations Officer and focuses on oversight of the apron – where the commercial airplanes park. He works closely with military and diverted aircraft as well as anything to do with airside operations.”

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  1. HOT NUTZ says:

    I wonder how that airport report is coming! Probably on one of the buses. PLP pulled the wool over all their voters eyes.

    • Dr. Pepper says:

      I think we are waiting for a revision of a review on a report….but I may be wrong since there has been little noise about this since the election.

  2. Oh really says:

    They sure did pull the wool over their eyes. All those naysayers did was cause a whole lot of trouble unnecessarily. Even caused the pepper spraying and have the nerve to blame the OBA. I bet they will be the first to say look at our new airport it’s so nice. Yet they fought it till the end and still drumming up issue with it. Move on people or get out of here. See how far you can cause trouble in other countries. They would lock you up in a minute. Should have locked them all up here on that day.

  3. mm says:

    nice to hear that the majority of the jobs are held by Bermudians, does that mean 51 percent, 80 percent, 95 percent. Is there an understudy program in place to ensure more and more Bermudians qualify and are moving up the ladder ?