BELCO Update: 72 Customers Without Power

March 4, 2018

[Updated] BELCO have advised that 72 customers remain without power tonight [March 4] and all available crews have been working throughout the day to restore power and will continue to do so until they are stood down at midnight tonight.

The company said, “As of 6:45pm we had 72 customers without power. All available crews have been working throughout the day to restore power and will continue to do so until they are stood down at midnight tonight. However, the regularly scheduled standby crews will be available to dispatch for emergency response throughout the night.

“Based on the current weather forecast for tomorrow we anticipate a similar experience of outages as occurred overnight Friday night into Saturday. To that end, all overhead related planned work for tomorrow will likely be cancelled and crews will be assigned to storm response. It should be noted that while all outages have been weather related, the majority have been caused by foliage in the lines.

“We would like to remind customers that if they experience partial power, to unplug all electronics and appliances to decrease the risk of damage and to call 955 immediately to report their situation.”

Video of pole fire being extinguished yesterday

Update Mar 5, 11.47am: The company said, “BELCO crews have been at work throughout the weekend addressing a number of weather related outages across the Island. The majority of outages were related to foliage in the lines and power was restored relatively swiftly in most instances. While no major damage was sustained, crews worked until after midnight last night before being stood down in preparation for ongoing restoration efforts today.

“BELCO started the day with 28 customers without power. As of 10:30am this morning, approximately 145 customers were without power due to weather related outages.

“Given the forecasted deterioration of weather this afternoon into this evening, including gusts of storm and hurricane force winds, additional outages are anticipated. All planned overhead line work for today was cancelled and all available crews have been diverted to outage restoration efforts. Crews will continue to work as long as it is safe to do so.

“If customers wish to report a power outage, they should call BELCO’s outage reporting system on 955. It should be noted that the telephone number that is linked to the BELCO account of the property experiencing the outage will need to be inputted. Additionally, BELCO has a limited number of phone lines. Therefore, if customers are unable to get through, they may need to call again until a phone line becomes available.

“Customers experiencing partial power should turn off all of the switches in their circuit breaker box and contact BELCO on 955. Periodic checks on a single switch that feeds a 120 volt outlet, such as a light or lamp, can be undertaken to ascertain when power has been restored. Customers who experience flickering lights should turn power off at the breaker switch, which will turn power off to the entire facility, and call BELCO on 955 immediately.

“We recommend that customers unplug all appliances and electronics to protect their equipment should the power go out. It should be noted that BELCO Service Rules state that BELCO is not liable for “damages, direct or consequential, which the customer or a third party may sustain due to lightning, windstorm or other events beyond the reasonable control of the Company”.

“Updates will be provided periodically on BELCO’s Facebook page and through the media.”

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