Minister: Majority Of Team Have Left Nicaragua

April 24, 2018

Michael Weeks, Minister responsible for Sports, provided an update on the Bermuda Under 17 Women’s Football Team who were in Nicaragua for the Concacaf Tournament, which was cancelled due to security concerns, with the Minister saying the team is safe, and the majority have now left Nicaragua.

This follows days of deadly rioting in Nicaragua, prompted by planned changes to Nicaragua’s social security system. Even though Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega had scrapped the changes, the situation remains tense and more protests are expected, the BBC reports.

Minister Weeks said, “First I would like to inform the public that all of the Bermuda players and staff accompanying them are safe.”

“I can advise the public that as of Monday night April 23rd the majority of the Bermuda Under 17 Women’s Football Team have now left Nicaragua. The Bermuda-based players and team staff are scheduled to return to Bermuda on Tuesday night April 24th.

“I can further advise that two girls have returned to US schools, while three girls are scheduled to leave Nicaragua early Tuesday morning and return to US based schools.”

Minister Weeks further added, “I can confirm that most of the parents and supporters who flew to Nicaragua to support the team have also left Nicaragua, with the remaining persons due to depart Nicaragua on Thursday April 26th.”

The Minister praised the efforts of the Bermuda Football Association, who maintained contact with the team officials in Nicaragua, advised on the safety of all concerned, and kept the Ministry of Social Development and Sports updated on events as they unfolded.

Minister Weeks added, “The people of Bermuda must recognize how courageous these young girls are, in the first instance to qualify to play in a tournament overseas against very tough opposition, and then to have the tournament cancelled and have to suffer through abrupt changes in travel plans due to circumstances beyond their control.

“I applaud their spirit, and I encourage the community to come out tonight to the LF Wade Airport and be on hand to welcome home the Bermuda-based members of the team and their accompanying staff.”

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  1. Excellent move!

  2. Imjustsaying says:

    Why in God’s name would Concacaf have the tournament in that country in the first place. SMH!

  3. Imjustsaying says:

    I havr nothing against Nicaragua it is just not the right time to be there at this time. Given the present unrest going in right now.