New Twizy Charging Stations At Clearwater

May 30, 2018

Twizy electric rental cars can now be charged while visitors enjoy a day at Clearwater Beach in St. David’s, as the Bermuda Land Development Company Limited [BLDC] have installed eight dedicated charging points in the area.

The two-seater Renault Twizy minicars have been available to rent from Current Vehicles in Bermuda for just over a year.

“Since their introduction, Twizys have proved to be incredibly popular with visitors,” said BLDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Francis Mussenden.

“We wanted to support the people using these vehicles and felt that installing charging ports would bring more visitors to this beautiful and somewhat undiscovered part of the Island.”

Twizy Bermuda May 2018

“This is just one part of our commitment to improve the experience at Clearwater Beach for everyone. We have upgraded the parking lot at Turtle Bay and the restroom facilities have been renovated,” Mr. Mussenden added.

“We also have new vendors offering beach activities, merchandise, refreshing treats, deck chair and umbrella rentals, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and much more.”

Piers Carr, Chief Executive Officer of Current Vehicles, said “We set out to make Bermuda more accessible than ever by giving our customers the means to safely explore the Island at their own convenience.

“Clearwater Beach is a bit of a hidden gem but a place that we know will create lasting memories for all of those that visit. Having charging stations located there will help to encourage more visitors to the site and hopefully show them a part of the Island they would otherwise not see.”

There is no fee for topping up a Twizy at the Clearwater charging stations.

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  1. Family Man says:

    Any idea roughly how much it would cost to fully charge one of these things?
    Just idle curiosity.

    • facts of the rock says:

      if ya have to ask,you cannot afford it!
      (sign on Rolls Royce)
      figure it applies to your question too!!

    • Bermyman says:

      $2.00 roughly at $0.32 per kWh

  2. Cahow says:

    please can BLDC block up the gap in the fence by Clearwater where bikes can drive through to the protected nature reserve?

  3. AC says:

    Aren’t these only supposed to be rented to tourists? I see locals driving them around.

    • Second says:

      Rental bikes are rented to both visitors and residents. What’s your point?

    • Sara says:

      And why in the world should locals not be able to rent them? Or buy them for that matter? If you are a single person and don’t feel comfortable riding a bike due to how incredibly dangerous the roads have become and you don’t want to rely on an unreliable bus service then one of these is perfect to buy.

  4. gustav says:

    who payes for that power ?
    is there a coin slot or is it free of charge ?

  5. frank says:

    so who is footing the bill for the electricity

  6. frank says:

    so is this charging going to remain free