OUTBermuda: ‘Our Lawsuit Has One Aim’

May 27, 2018

Following the closing arguments in the legal challenge to the Domestic Partnership Act in the Supreme Court, OUTBermuda extended their thanks to Maryellen Jackson, Sylvia Hayward Harris, Dr. Gordon Campbell, Chai T, Wesley Methodist Church, Julia and Judith Aidoo-Saltus, Douglas NeJaime, Carnival Corporation and lawyer Rod Attride-Stirling.

The case was heard in the Supreme Court in front of Chief Justice Dr Ian Kawaley, who is expected to hand down his decision in the coming days.

A statement from the group said, “This week, we made history for all Bermudians who join us in support of fairness and equality. Through us, the Supreme Court listened respectfully to Bermuda’s LGBT people, and learned about our lives, our families, our children, and our belief that Bermuda’s future is welcoming and embracing.

“They heard our allies’ voices too, recognising that Bermuda’s youth are looking at us, knowing that there are people in Bermuda that will visibly, vocally, spiritually and economically support them. We are incredibly proud of the work that has been accomplished this week.”

“Our lawsuit has one aim. We seek to revoke the sections of the recently enacted Domestic Partnership Act that remove full marriage rights for same-sex couples. As our lives testify, we see these provisions as unfair, unlawful and harmful to many families.

“We support domestic partner rights for all Bermudians to choose, but not at the expense of denying marriage to some. We believe the revocation of same-sex marriage to be not only unjust but regressive and unconstitutional.”

“Today we express heartfelt thanks to Maryellen Jackson, Sylvia Hayward Harris and Dr. Gordon Campbell who joined us with our suit, as we united our case with Rod Ferguson.

“We also wish sincerely thank those who submitted affidavits on our behalf to advocate on behalf of Bermuda families, leaders in faith and business, and legal authorities who advocate for equality.

“These include Chai T, Trustees of Wesley Methodist Church, Julia and Judith Aidoo-Saltus, Douglas NeJaime and Roger Frizzell, on behalf of Carnival Corporation.

“We especially thank our attorney, Rod S. Attride-Stirling and his team at ASW Law Limited, for representing us so expertly in the courtroom this week.”

OUTBermuda promotes and supports the wellbeing, health, dignity, security, safety and protection of the LGBTQ community in Bermuda by providing educational resources on issues of diversity, inclusiveness, awareness and acceptance regarding LGBTQ people. We seek generally to advance human rights, conflict resolution and the promotion of equality and diversity relating to the LGBTQ community in Bermuda.”

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