Vogue: Bermuda Carnival Is The ‘Perfect Option’

June 25, 2018

In an article titled ‘The Caribbean Carnivals You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer,’ Vogue has featured Bermuda Heroes Weekend, saying that Bermuda’s carnival “is one of the newest kids on the block, and the perfect option for both newbies and the seasoned bacchanalist.”

The story by Kristen Braswell said, “This is the eighth time I’ve found myself squeezed between strangers belting out lyrics in unison below a truck’s booming music. ‘Vibes up from the time that we reach. Drinks up, now the madness release. We having a good time, having a good time. We don’t have no time for bad mind.’ We raise our plastic cups to the moving bar beside us to receive another splash of rum, our energy drink of choice for the next eight hours.

Slideshow of the BHW Parade of Bands:


“This time, the location is Bermuda. There’s only one thing that could rival the island’s gorgeous beaches, and it’s this moment, full of joy. Thousands of bodies are draped in ornate, sparkling jewels. A rainbow of colorful feathers in front of me stretch toward the sky. Two strangers approach one another to stomp their feet against the pavement.

“We’ve barely slept, marching our way to party after party, but that doesn’t matter, because this tradition is best when it’s immersive. It doesn’t matter your gender, age, race, or body type—the only prerequisite is to show up, let go, and “get on bad.” This is the magic of carnival: everyone is uninhibited, connected by sound, movement, and the celebration of life.

“Bermuda’s carnival, called Heroes Weekend, is one of the newest kids on the block, and the perfect option for both newbies and the seasoned bacchanalist.

“Founded by local DJ and soca enthusiast Jason Sukdeo in 2015, the celebration takes place over four days around the island every June, and includes an incredible on-the-water fete experience, called Raft Up. Here, yachts pull up to Shelly Bay while attendees float on colorful rafts near a barge blasting soca music in the middle of a crystal clear ocean.

“Other events include a concert with soca superstar Machel Montano, and a night fete, Glow, which requires attendees to wear all white in a stunning garden setting. On Carnival Monday, bands line the streets in full costume, including intricate feather headdresses and beaded details by the popular Nova Mas band. After de road, masqueraders relax at one of Bermuda’s pristine beaches [Horseshoe or Tobacco Bay], rescued from days of rum drinking by a gigantic and flavorful fried fish sandwich from a Bermudian institution: Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy.”

You can read the full article here on Vogue.

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  1. Opnions Matter says:

    Too bad there are now cries to stop the Carnival due tot he noise, dancing and charged atmosphere.

    • Redrose says:

      Carnival is not Bermuda! It’s a bunch of people shaking their tail feathers and an excuse to miss work! Why not have a true Bermuda event like East vs West boat races (every class of boat) or sports event like soccer stars? More inclusive than loud noise and bodies on display! Gross!

      • It a good day says:

        Tell that to the thousands of people that participate. You want tourist or you don’t. Who is going to the boat show please…..boring

        • Redamtibi says:

          I raise your thousands that attend with the tens of thousands who do not. Take that devil back to the carribean where it belongs…

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        LMAO you must be an old person! Soca isn’t for me but it’s something new and exciting to do plus aint no one missing works it’s a HOLIDAY! Go enjoy your boat races lmfao…and guess ya just jealous of everyone’s body!

      • PBanks says:

        Um, they do have the Comet races if you’re all about the boating events. Encourage the organisers to promote it more, so you can attend that event while those who want to shake feathers can do so elsewhere.

      • yesitsme says:

        It is real Bda though. Most Bermudians come from these Western islands so naturally our heritage stems from there, which includes Carnival. Please open up your mind and let go of that old outdated Bermudian thinking.

      • Meh. says:

        they aren’t mutually exclusive…

    • swing voter says:

      that’s not true

  2. One Who Escaped says:

    Oh look everyone in traditional native costume. Cool!

    • PBanks says:

      Um, nobody has once suggested Carnival has to do with ‘native costume’. Get a grip.

  3. PBanks says:

    Cue people complaining to Vogue that Bermuda is not in the Caribbean

    • Anbu says:

      Um. It isnt. Whats your point?

      • PBanks says:

        Point is nobody outside of Bermuda cares about a minor aspect of geography. Vogue is giving us props and a portion of us will continue to beat the “we’re not Caribbean” drum.

    • Reality says:

      It amazes me that on one hand one can be so anti foreigner, and yet on the other hand look forward to and participate in events that have absolutely nothing to do with traditional Bermudian culture. Hypocrites. That is the real irony of it all. Keep that same energy.

    • Redamtibi says:

      It is not. Not one part of the carribean sea touches our shores…

      • PBanks says:

        Same is true of the Bahamas but they don’t complain. They are our neighbours, and in the scheme of tourism, our competitors.

    • Jean Foggo Simon says:

      Take a look at an atlas and you will see that Bermuda is in the North Atlantic. Not South. Not Caribbean!

      • PBanks says:

        How many tourism and travel articles have separate sections for travel to the “North Atlantic”?

        There are far worse things than being grouped with the Caribbean when it comes to things of this nature. Instead of embracing the status as a growing destination for this kind of activity in the region as a whole, we’re nitpicking on our “unique geography”.