Video: Visitor Crashes Rental Scooter Overboard

June 25, 2018

A visitor recently had a unique, if rather unfortunate experience while visiting the island, crashing his rental scooter over an embankment and into the water, however fortunately he suffered only wet clothing and not injuries. This was reported by the police, who tweeted the video below, saying, “One of our visitors had a very bad moped experience. Glad to report he just got wet, no injuries.”

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  1. redrose says:

    I love the reaction of the young man in the white t-shirt who can just be seen to start rushing to help.

  2. aceboy says:

    LOL Not only does this guy have a great story, he has video evidence of it happening. So much win!

  3. yesitsme says:

    I’m sorry but bwahhahahahaha