Partial Pedestrianisation Plan For Dockyard

August 22, 2018

Effective August 27th, the road from Clocktower Parade around the Clocktower Mall in the Royal Naval Dockyard will be partially pedestrianized in a move WEDCO says aims to “make the area more attractive and safer.”

“From Monday, August 27, the road from the fountain outside the Mall along the North lawn to Diamonds International will be vehicle-free and traffic will be re-routed along Apprentice Lane and Smithery Lane,” WEDCO said.

“It is a temporary move until the end of the year when the impact will be assessed, although it is hoped that people will welcome the plan which could then become permanent.

WEDCO Pedestrianisation Bermuda August 2018

Joanna Cranfield, the Business Development Manager at the West End Development Corporation [WEDCO], said: “Dockyard is becoming busier with more people and more traffic, more cars, more buses, more mini-buses and we have to be aware of people’s safety. We also wanted to create a more leisurely and family-friendly feel.

“This is a pilot project for the remainder of the year. After that we will have further discussions with our stakeholders and if there are no major hurdles it could be made permanent.”

Under the plan, the bus stops, and shuttle train areas will be moved to Camber Road and the parking flow for Northrock car park will be reconfigured. One speed bump will be created, opposite Dockyard Canvas.

Ms Cranfield added: “I hope people like the pedestrianization. If it becomes permanent we will look to landscape the area and add attractions, such as giant games and sitting areas which will create a great vibe in Dockyard.”

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  1. Clarity says:

    Great idea!

  2. Clarity says:

    Great idea! Please, make sure it’s wheel chair accessible of course

  3. Jus sayin says:

    The speed bump on the corner doesn’t give much reaction time. Especially for tourists on bikes who are unsteady anyway. May wish to consider moving it more along the straight to prevent accidents.

  4. Onion Puke says:

    Is this ok’d by Major General Cornel “Sleepy” and the Shelly Bay group?

  5. Chase says:

    Great idea!!
    Just last week Monday as I was passing Cafe Amici – a young child (maybe 2 years old) ran out into the road even though both parents were right there. I was driving in defensive mode plus the child’s father retrieved him almost instantly.

  6. bdaMOM says:

    I love this idea! That said, I hope that there will be adequate parking available on the perimeter of the pedestrian zone. We were there a few weeks ago and it seems that parking is even more limited with the recent over-haul of one of the parking lots and some construction blocking another parking lot.

    We locals like to enjoy Dockyard too!

    • shrew says:

      always drive to town, park and take the ferry when i go to Dockyard. it’s so much easier.

  7. PANGAEA says:

    You forget that Bermuda is the island of NO !

  8. PANGAEA says:

    More smoke and mirrors .

    Any plans for Cross Island “Sahara” yet ? You might like to try a water park also with many activities for all, as people want some thing to do.

    Cant let the property decay ,how long has it been now ?

    Start small let it grow from the capital earned.

    • question says:

      Of course. The current government will avoid using that space at all costs.