Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club Standings

August 22, 2018

Following the most recent round of Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club action, the current standings are below.

Kymaree Pitt leads the Minibike Junior Division with 285 points, Jediah Cumbermack is in second with 277 points and Aeziah Divine is in third with 191 points.

Nasaje Anderson is the current leader in the Scooter 70 Class with 218 points, Kenny DeSilva is in second with 170 points and Ricky Wade is in third with 119.

The Scooter 4T Class is being led by Edward Cook who has 325 points, Jason Pacheco is in second with 251 points and Dandre Outerbridge is in third with 196 points.

The Formula Xtreme Class is led by Sheun Simmons who has 136 points, while Jason Pacheco is in second with 135 and Nathaniel Binega-Northcott is third with 106.


  • 285 Kymaree Pitt
  • 277 Jediah Cumbermack
  • 191 Aeziah Divine
  • 186 Prince Battersbee
  • 145 Aiden Lopes
  • 81 Sheun Simmons
  • 69 Norre Robinson
  • 63 Ryan Chequer
  • 48 Alex Blakeney
  • 32 Nathaniel Binega-Northcott

Scooter 70

  • 218 Nasaje Anderson
  • 170 Kenny DeSilva
  • 119 Ricky Wade
  • 95 Blair Jones
  • 80 Jecoa Burrows
  • 50 Devon Bailey
  • 40 Jeremiah Samuels

Scooter 4T

  • 325 Edward Cook
  • 251 Jason Pacheco
  • 196 Dandre Outerbridge

Formula Xtreme

  • 136 Sheun Simmons
  • 135 Jason Pacheco
  • 106 Nathaniel Binega-Northcott
  • 95 Jeremiah Samuels


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  1. Real Deal says:

    Cook From my school of Riderz.

  2. Wheels says:

    You need a bigger track. I paid the money to join but it takes 40 minutes to drive to the track, and once there the track is so tiny you spend most of the lap doing 20-30mph, and the longest stretch is so short it is a struggle to go over 50mph on a moderately fast bike. Who wants to be so restricted, when dedicating 1.5 hrs to drive to and from there? If you got a bigger track you would get far more members.