BELCO Grid Code Consultation Ends Monday

September 20, 2018

On Tuesday, September 18th members of the Bermuda Electric Light Company’s [BELCO] Grid Operations Team met with stakeholders as part of the consultation process relating to its proposed Grid Code.

A spokesperson said, “BELCO has invited interested industry stakeholders and members of the public to review and consider the draft Grid Code and submit any feedback by no later than Monday, 24 September 2018.

“Responses should be submitted to BELCO using the provided response proforma either by email to with the subject line “Grid Code Consultation” or in hard copy format to the main reception desk at BELCO’s head office on Serpentine Road. Responses received after the stated deadline or provided in a format not within the guidelines may not receive consideration.

“The draft Grid Code and accompanying response proforma may be downloaded from the home page of BELCO’s website, or collected in hard copy format from BELCO’s head office on Serpentine Road. Detailed consultation guidelines are provided within the relevant consultation materials.

“Under BELCO’s transmission, distribution and retail licence, BELCO is required to develop a Grid Code for approval by the Regulatory Authority in consultation with sectoral participants and sectoral providers who are liable to be materially affected by the Grid Code. BELCO will use the responses received through the consultation process to finalise the draft Grid Code prior to its submission to the Authority for approval.

“The Grid Code is a technical document intended to cover all material technical aspects associated with connections to and operation and use of its transmission and distribution systems [together, the “Grid System”] or, as applicable, the operation of electric lines and electrical plant connected to the Grid System.

“The Grid Code will also set the rules and procedures governing generation dispatch and maintenance scheduling along with rules and procedures that provide for the safe and reliable operation of the Grid System. All bulk generation licensees and distributed generators who wish to interconnect with BELCO will be required to adhere to the Grid Code.

“BELCO’s intends to post all relevant submissions received by the submission deadline to its website after the close of the consultation period. Responders may request anonymity and/or provide an original response along with a version redacting any sensitive information.”

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