Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Lobster Suggestions

September 10, 2018

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

Bermudians love their lobsters in thermidor style, curry sauce, stuffed and broiled. While these are all tasty options, Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson has some suggestions to shake up your lobster preparation this season.

He also suggested lobster shouldn’t be saved for special occasions but should be enjoyed more regularly throughout the season.

Chef Samuelsson’s Lobster Boil event held earlier this month at the Hamilton Princess:

He said, “I think curry and thermidor is an excellent start but then I think what you should be doing is thinking about the next day. First of all, the shell, don’t throw them out. Take that curry sauce, bring the shells to a boil, strain it and then you have a great curry lobster soup for the next day.

“If you have left over pieces of meat, I would throw into pasta like I talked about. You can really enjoy it also with some crab or some other seafood. It’s too expensive and too good to throw away. There shouldn’t be any waste of lobster.”

He also suggested putting lobster on flatbreads and making lobster tacos.

Speaking on the differences between Bermuda lobster and the popular Maine lobster, Samuelsson said: “They’re very, very different. If you think about a Bermuda lobster, it doesn’t have claws the same way and the shells are very different. They eat differently too.

“I think Bermy lobster has for me a little more flavour and you only eat the tail right. It’s not as messy as eating East Coast lobster. Those are the lobsters I grew up eating in Sweden too.

“There’s a big difference too between a Canadian or a New England lobster or a Swedish lobster. Swedish lobster is a little bit smaller. Lobster for us was something you ate once or twice a year when the season started, and it was messy.”

He continued: “Lobster has really done a journey from being poor man’s food to rich man’s food and now it’s somewhere in between. But every culture that is coastal has lobster.”

Asked about his favourite ways to enjoy lobster, Samuelsson said he prefers it to be very simple.

“I love, like today, the lobster pasta. I just think it’s a simple way to get into it. Tomato sauce never hurt, but it’s about the seafood.

“Also, even making lobster butter and spreading it on really good toast. It’s delicious. You can put the lobster butter on top of the spiny lobster when you put it under the broiler.

“You can put it in the freezer and use it so many different ways. You can use it when there’s no more lobster and you can use it on a steak or something.”

Samuelsson agrees with lobster regulations in Bermuda to avoid over fishing and encouraged everyone to enjoy the crustacean while it’s available.

Lobster season runs in Bermuda from September 1 to March 31.


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  1. hmm says:

    I like to take my lobster meat, shape it into a hot dog, throw it on a bun and douse it in mayonnaise with a side of pickles. #LobDog 4 life

  2. puzzled says:

    I wish I could afford it.