Review: Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Lobster Boil

September 8, 2018

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson came back to the island just in time for Lobster season. And if you know anything about Marcus, know that he loves to throw a good party. This time, it was a Lobster Boil to celebrate the season in style.

The event was held on Friday evening at the Harbourview Ballroom at the Hamilton Princess. It was schedule to be at the beach club, but the weather had plans of its own. Even though we weren’t on the beach, the vibe was still great.

Arriving just before Marcus began his cooking demo, I was handed a welcome drink made of rosé wine [my favourite!], vodka and rosemary. It was a delicious palette cleanser and perfectly refreshing.

Marcus hopped up on stage just after 7pm to cook two lobster dishes for the audience. He was warm and engaging, which the crowd loved.

The first dish he made, with the assistance of an audience member was lobster tostadas. Marcus talked about the importance of making the tostadas from scratch with masa harina – corn flour – and walked us through the process of making them.

The tostada was then cooked through and topped with mashed avocado, lobster meat in a coconut milk sauce and pickled onions. I was disappointed this wasn’t a part of the meal for everyone as it looked delicious! I’ll have to order them next time I’m at the restaurant.

Next up was the actual dinner. There was a large buffet starting with salads, various kinds of rolls and bread, seaweed biscuits with miso butter, chilled seafood with various sauces and then the main attraction – the lobster boil, which was rich, buttery and delicious.

The other side of the buffet featured items for those who aren’t really into lobster but wanted to come for the fun. Dishes included glazed carrots, collard greens, Bermuda corn, pumpkin dumplings, roast beef, whole roasted snapper and suckling pig. Basically, there was plenty delicious food for everyone to enjoy.

While I enjoyed everything, I especially loved the fish [went back for more], the collards and the pumpkin dumplings. All sorts of yummy!

The second part of the cooking demo featured a lobster pasta. Marcus was again assisted by an audience member as they made fresh pasta for the dish. He walked us through how to make fresh pasta, which looked incredibly easy. The dish was super simple and can be made with leftover lobster from the night before. Six members of the audience were able to try it and unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough to get a bowl. Maybe next time.

Marcus then thanked everyone for attending and took a few questions from the audience before opening the dessert bar. There was homemade vanilla ice cream, mango sorbet and assorted cakes.

I love attending these sorts of events because the food is always incredible, and Marcus is a great host. He has this amazing ability to work the room and literally greet every single person as if he knows them all.

Overall, the Lobster Boil was a fantastic event and if you weren’t able to attend, I highly recommend purchasing tickets immediately the next time an event hosted by Marcus Samuelsson is announced.


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