Saltus Students Excel At Placement & [I]GCSE

September 6, 2018

Saltus today announced the results of this year’s Advanced Placement [AP] and [I]GCSE examination results.

“AP is an internationally recognized program offering college-level curricula and examinations to high school students, enabling them to potentially secure placement and course credit at universities around the world. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education [IGCSE] is a set of exams that form part of university preparation in the UK and is taken in Years 10 and 11,” a spokesperson said.

“Saltus supports the learning opportunities AP and the GCSE provide as part of the school’s enriched academic programme.

“This year’s AP results were outstanding. Seventy-seven senior students took a total of 173 of the high-level subject-based examinations, with 78% of the students scoring a 3 or higher [5 is the highest score]. A score of 3 is typically standard acceptance level as a subject credit in North American universities.

Saltus GCSE 2018 group Bermuda September 6 2018

“Globally, 2.8 million students took over 5 million AP examinations. Saltus students ranked 16% higher than the global average for scores 3-5. The average percentage of global students with a score of 3 or higher was 62%.

“Our top AP performers were: Kaya Vogler who achieved six 5’s and 3 4’s; Logan Krueger had five 5s, and Rhys Kittleson was awarded five 5’s, two 4s and a 3.”

Kaya summed up the experience from a student’s perspective: “What made my experience with APs great was that I always felt challenged but also interested. I enjoyed the courses, even when they were hard and maybe even more so because they were difficult. The most important part for me was teachers that always gave the extra 20% above and beyond what was expected. They were integral to my enjoyment of SGY.”

saltus graduation Bermuda September 6 2018

“This year the Saltus [I]GSCE pass rate was 100%,” the school said. “Our top [I]GCSE performers were: Ryan Topple with eight A*s and 2 A’s; Kieran Malott with seven A*s and 3 As; and Eleanor Dunleavy with six A*s and 4 As.”

“Our outstanding students exemplify the results of a robust academic programme, the dedication of skilled teachers who support their journey, and a community that champions individual students’ aspirations,” says Head of School at Saltus, Deryn Lavell.

“Our goal is to offer a programme that provides a pathway to higher achievement and opens the door to further opportunities as our students’ progress in their academic lives.”

The US Collegeboard has awarded their highest designations to a number of Saltus Advanced Placement students:

National AP Scholar, and AP Scholar with Distinction 

Tyler Kendall [McMaster], Rhys Kittleson [University of Maryland], Logan Krueger [Laurentian], Tristan Mullan [Wilfrid Laurier], Kaya Vogler [Gap Year], Michael Wollmann [Edinburgh]

AP Scholar with Distinction 

Jack Brown [Ottawa], John Ewles [Oklahoma State], Jakob Resnik [Providence College]

AP Scholar with Honours 

Blair Blakeney [Kent], Z’ajae Lee [Xavier University], Alys Webber [Gap Year], Adeline Young [Queens]

AP Scholar 

Neil Figureido [Wilfrid Laurier], Sam Fox [Wilfrid Laurier], Gabriel Jones*, Bria Maybury*, Amalia Pontes St Francis Xavier], Lynsey Palmer [Exeter], Kai Shimada [Gap Year], Toriah Smith [Kingston, UK], Dylan Sommerville [McMaster], Jackson Spurling*, Kirk Stapff*, Tennesson Telemaque [Gap Year], Nicholas Terra [Union Univ], Alexander Woodroffe*

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