Video: Short Film Highlights Ocean Initiative

September 26, 2018

Two Bermudians have started a charity to help protect our ocean environment, and have produced an excellent video highlighting the initiative.

Marooned Ocean Foundation is the brainchild of Conor Outerbridge and Adam Johnson. They both have a love of the ocean and have produced a video focusing on plastics in the waters around Bermuda.

Mr Johnson says in the video “We wanted to do more for the ocean.”

The short film focuses on Alaire Davis and Sue Khan, who are not only both doing their part to deal with the plastics issue but encouraging others to get on board as well.

Ms Davis helps do beach clean-ups, and she says the three most commonly used items that Bermuda could easily reduce are plastic bags, plastic straws, and plastic water bottles.

Ms Khan, the owner of Naked Bermuda, talks of ways to reduce our everyday use of plastics and the struggles to get buy-in from restaurants by bringing in your own sustainable containers to help cut down on waste.

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  1. George says:

    Great video but does Bermuda really need another charity focused on waste? KBB’s mandate is specifically to do this sort of work (full time), Greenrock and BEST also focus on it, so your good intentions Maroon Ocean Foundation may be misplaced. I would encourage you to contact KBB/Greenrock to better understand how you can help them move the fight against plastics and waste on the Island forward.

  2. puzzled says:

    Stop selling and distributing plastics.
    So simple.

  3. sugra says:

    Given that…

    a) this age group is the present AND the future
    b) the focus is a specific and very fast emerging global environmental crisis vs. the broader good work of KBB/GR/BEST
    b) we’ve never seen a promotion anywhere near as good as that video from KBB/GR/BEST

    Perhaps reconsider who might be encouraged to contact whom in this scenario?

    I say WELL DONE and PRESS ON to these guys!

  4. Kim Smith says:

    I’m sure that we all have numerous reusable bags in our cupboard and so my preference would be to have a ban on plastic bags versus continuing to provide plastic bags but with a charge.

  5. Well done to these young people says:

    Thank you for doing something positive for the country!

    This is a differtent message and medium than KBB.

    Keep up the great work Marooned–I have one of your shirts and they are awesome!

  6. Community First says:

    Congratulations to all involved in this production and the work you are doing in our world. Interesting questions about collaboration with BEST, KBB and Greenrock as I don’t know that we do that well here in Bermuda nor do the three organsations mentioned.

    We tend to have very small organisations with one or two employees appearing to be working in the same space with different people. In this case the Environment.

    It might be that the lack of real or perceived collaboration opportunities with existing organisations that promotes the creation of new organisations.

    Ultimately the funds will determine success as people vote with their dollars and invest in people they believe will make a difference.

    Good luck to all involved. It is wonderful to see some younger emerging local talent.

  7. Adam says:

    Thanks for all the support on the video. We are excited to see people’s responses. We want to build a community, in Bermuda, that is educated and excited about the difference they can make. Before setting up the Marooned Ocean Foundation, we met with Greenrock and talked with KBB and BEST. We fit well between these other charities as our focus is on the ocean. There is definitely overlap as we want to stop trash from entering the ocean from Bermuda’s shores, which means working together with KBB, Greenrock and BEST. Our goal, with Marooned, is to use the money raised from the sale of t-shirts to make a difference with out relying on grants and donations. Thanks for all your support!