Diabetes Education Available In Portuguese

November 20, 2018

The Bermuda Diabetes Association is offering a free diabetes education programme for Portuguese people and their families who have diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes.

A spokesperson said, “This is the first time diabetes education has been offered to people in their own language. The education programme will be held at St Patricks Church Friday November 30 and Saturday December 1. Lunch will be provided free as well both days.”

Bermuda Diabetes Association Chair Debbie Jones said, “Type 2 Diabetes is a growing and serious chronic condition that is of epidemic proportions in Bermuda and around the world. Failure to manage type 2 diabetes is costly in that it can cause individuals to be at risk of increased complications, reduced life expectancy, and extreme financial burdens.

“Educating the population can enable individuals with type 2 diabetes not only to manage their diabetes but even to reverse it. Individuals who are overweight and at risk of diabetes can prevent it.

“It is very important that patients have open communication with their physicians and other health care providers and participate in decision making regarding their own care plan. Those suffering from diabetes need to understand the importance of controlling and managing their condition and to take responsibility for it. Language barriers can make if difficult to achieve these goals.

“The Bermuda Diabetes Association is offering a diabetes education programme specifically for Bermuda’s Portuguese diabetes population and their families as part of November’s Diabetes Awareness Month. A specialist team comprising a physician, nurse and dietitian, from Portugal’s Diabetes Association in Lisbon, will be conducting education sessions in Portuguese, to be held on Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December 2018, at St Patrick’s Church Hall, South Shore, Smith’s Parish.

“A general talk will be held on Wednesday November 28 at St Patricks from 6 to 8pm. The sessions are free but it is critical that people reserve a place by calling the Diabetes Resource Centre on 297-8427 or by e-mailing admin@diabetes.bm

“In 1921 Dr. Elliott Joslin, one of the pioneers in diabetes management said ‘the person with diabetes who knows the most lives the longest.’”

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