Music Video: Joanne Ball-Burgess “Body Drop”

November 1, 2018

Bermudian Joanne Ball-Burgess, also known as Jo-1, who rose to fame through East African dance show Sakata, has released a new video for her latest song “Body Drop”.

A spokesperson said, “Jo-1 is back and this time with a bigger banger that will get you to pop, lock and let your body drop. The blend of dancehall and pop will have you dancing and feeling sexy in no time. Chiziqa, her first hit, was a great one and it would only be fair to follow it up with an even greater act. Body Drop is all about using the body as an instrument of dance. The video is packed with amazing choreography full of energy and life.

“Jo-1, known best for her no-nonsense judging on the local television show, Sakata, has always been involved in dance and she has always sought to combine dance in her productions.”

“Contrary to what can be easily assumed, Body Drop is more than just bathing suits and booty. It pays homage to Soca queen Alison Hinds’ 2007 hit, ‘Roll It Gal’ and sends messages of respect and peace to the world.

“Some may not know that Jo-1 is a yogini, certified yoga teacher and vegetarian. Body Drop displays hints of her love for yoga in the music video. She finds creative ways to blend dance and yoga and it is all seen in hints throughout the music video.

“The purpose of body drop is to encourage everyone to feel free in their dance. There is no ‘dirty’ dancing vs ‘clean’ dance. All dance is sacred and all bodies are divine. We hope you enjoy this amazing piece of art.”

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